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Aomments from 2013


“Very nice!! Enjoyed the visit” (Architectural tour)–23 December

“ Great tour. Thank you for preserving it” (Architectural tour)–23 December

“ Really great trip and experience, thanks a lot!” (Architectural tour)–23 December

“I didn't have the slightest idea of how interesting this man was! You do a great job!”–22 December

“Very well preserved building and good presentations”–21 December

“Very interesting and cleverly done!”–20 December

“A very imaginative interpretation; thoroughly enjoyed visit”–19 December

“Very engaging way of presenting historical information”–14 December

“Wonderful presentation, many new facts learned, thank you”–14 December

“Very well done, love the originality and the presentation. Unbelievable that this is the only surviving Benjamin Franklin residence”–14 December

“Fantastic - very atmospheric ”–12 December

“Wonderful show presented in an interesting way ”–7 December

“Electrifying!”–2 December

“A hidden gem. Who would have thought that the only surviving Franklin residence would be in London!”–2 December

“An informative and innovative presentation of the house ”–1 December

“Great experience - felt I was in the century”–30 November

“Great fun, day out with a friend as a birthday treat! ”–30 November

“Thank you for presenting history! Since Philadelphia lacks a Franklin house, I had to come here!”–28 November

“Very informative. I very much enjoyed seeing this house I have read biography on Franklin, I no longer have to use my imagination about his surroundings”–25 November

“Superb and personal, loved it!”–24 November

“Fabulous, unexpected fun and informative. Loved it”–23 November

“Excellent, good research. Clever presentation. Knowledgeable staff - Just First Class”–22 November

“You did so much with so little, a master piece”–20 November

“Fantastic place to visit, very inventive way of demonstrating time in London at the house. REALLY well done”–17 November

“Really creative and thoughtful”–16 November

“I loved it! I thought it was very intriguing!”–14 November

“Outstanding! Will tell friends about the awesome experience”–14 November

“A place to bring my grandchildren to”–13 November

“Been longing for a visit - and excellent - was well done ”–13 November

“A most imaginative and atmospheric performance”–7 November

“Well presented. A novel way of describing his life”–7 November

“Enchanting. What a man!”–6 November

“Very cleverly presented, a nice way of learning about history and great acting!”–1 November

“This was the one thing that my nine year old daughter wanted to do on holiday: visit Benjamin Franklin House”–1 November

“"Nice new impressions. Thank you!”–31 October

“Thank you for preserving this wonderful house, and telling us its story”–28 October

“A gem in London, and theatrical tour breathes life into an important figure”–26 October

“Very, very interesting and informative. I loved it”–23 October

“Very enjoyable and absorbing, filled in gaps in my historical interests”–23 October

“Amazing times in this house; miracles, mysteries, secrets!”–21 October

“Very special experience ”–20 October

“Excellent; very moving, well structured, just right”–18 October

“Very informative. Clever use of space”–17 October

“A fascinating insight into a remarkable historical figure - bought back to life”–13 October

“Very atmospheric, want to learn more about colonial politics now”–13 October

“"Felt" the history. Like the inventive/theatrical presentation. Well done!”–12 October

“Fabulous. Ben, be proud!”–8 October

“A most interesting and informative presentation- a real surprise”–5 October

“Amazing experience”–4 October

“Neat. I got to walk in Ben's footsteps, childhood dream!”–2 October

“Wonderful presentation, exactly what tourists and London like to see”–30 September

“Very interesting, bringing history to life”–29 September

“Excellent presentation, very interesting and informative”–28 September

“Excellent, informative, about a legend.  A big surprise!”–26 September

“I have lived my 81 years as a born and bred Londoner. There is always something to discover, very interesting”–26 September

“Fantastic house, articulate guide, brilliant experience”–21 September

“Wonderful tour, full of interest and obvious personal passion for the subject”–21 September

“A little gem in the centre of London, thank you for being here”–18 September

“We found the tour bought the house and Benjamin Franklin to life”–18 September

“Amazing how original features of house survived”–15 September

“I like the imaginative interpretation of the house through video and acting. It works very well”–14 September

“Great presentation - this Pennsylvanian was very impressed!”–14 September

“Excellent interweaving of spoken words and video presentation. The house staff is wonderful!”–14 September

“Very informative especially enjoyed interplay between conversation and fact”–11 September

“Very knowledgeable tour guide with outstanding patience for all of my questions. Learned a lot”–9 September

“Excellent presentation of a historical movement and historical figures”–8 September

“Presentation excellent, great historical information”–5 September

“Good quality fun and informative experience”–5 September

“Wonderful, evocation of Franklin's life and work. Excellent!”–5 September

“Great tour, really interesting”–4 September

“Excellent, hidden gem”–2 September

“Excellent! Very cleverly done, well explained and well presented”–1 September

“Enjoyable, quirky, friendly, just the right length”–31 August

“Fantastic show, very educational and visual!”–30 August

“The guide was awesome and interesting. Great place! :)”–28 August

“A very ingenious way to blend a life and building into a big theme”–25 August

“Very knowledgeable and informative, interesting and original way of demonstrating the house”–25 August

“Great way to present a man's history - very interesting”–23 August

“A wonderful show, full of explanation on the idea and life of a great man”–22 August

“Incredibly inspiring presentation. I learned a lot about his personal life. Thank you!”–22 August

“Very good commentary and an enjoyable experience”–15 August

“Beautiful architecture interesting presentation”–15 August

“Unique experience, factual and diplomatic, very nice. Thank you!”–15 August

“An amazing piece of history”–14 August

“Excellent research work, fantastic presentation, congratulations!”–14 August

“Wonderful combination of acting, video and sound. Very educative without being boring. Amazing!”–8 August

“Very nice and informative. I would come again”–8 August

“FUN”–8 August

“Fantastic! Very well rehearsed, excellent!”–7 August

“Fantastic!  The house makes you feel you stepped into the 18 C. Polly was a great host”–3 August

“Creative presentation, Very informative”–2 August

“Fascinating-a gem in the city centre”–29 July

“A charming house. Charmingly described!”–29 July

“This was great. I am a history teach in the US. This was a unique experience and a cool way to learn. Don’t change a thing”–28 July

“Fantastic to see another side of B. Franklin. Thank you!”–27 July

“Much better than most museums”–26 July

“Actually quite moving for me”–24 July

“Very well done, enjoyed the information and the real feel of the house ”–24 July

“What an interesting place! A fantastic, intelligent person was he! Great! ”–20 July

“The tour is phenomenal and historical”–19 July

“Finally a real house! Thank you for saving this historical place!”–19 July

“A very unusual presentation, we enjoyed it!”–19 July

“Thank you for creativity!”–18 July

“The acting was remarkably good. It makes the experience more memorable”–14 July

“Great blend of history and technology”–11 July

“Bien du tout”–11 July

“Loved it! Great program!!”–11 July

“Lovely tour, lovely house!  Thrilled to step where BF walked!”–8 July

“Such a pleasant experience... so different from what I was expecting. Great staff and amazing actress”–7 July

“Amazing! Thank you!!”–5 July

“Great Experience, Well done!, Good Job”–5 July

“I love Ben! Thank you-can not wait to talk to my school kids”–4 July

“Enjoyed very much, well produced and acted”–4 July

“Thanks for giving us the possibility to go back to that time period. The staff was very helpful. The show was very exciting, thank you”–29 June

“By the time we left it felt like he [Franklin] had been with us the whole visit. Well done!”–28 June

“Wonderful memorial to a wonderful man”–28 June

“With ever so  many thanks for a marvellous experience”–26 June

“A splendid educational experience wonderfully interpreted”–26 June

“Very interesting food for further reading”–26 June

“Well done…Benjamin is pleased!”–23 June

“History with a difference. Very good”–21 June

“Very unique and beautiful presentation. Loved it! Thank you”–21 June

“A most entertaining way of showing the history about BF's years in London”–21 June

“A wonderfully different way of putting over all the information”–19 June

“A most unusual presentation of a fascinating story”–19 June

“A bit of history from the perspective of this side of the ocean”–16 June

“Innovative use of technology. So suitable given the subject”–15 June

“A nice trip back in history”–14 June

“Wonderfully atmospheric. Sensitively put together”–13 June

“Innovative, interesting and iconic”–13 June

“Well Done, well worth the total price, thank you”–12 June

“Absolutely fantastic. I would definitely recommend this house to anyone”–11 June

“We loved it! Thank You!”–7 June

“Felt like being back in history”–7 June

“Very informative, great job, Ben Franklin is my hero”–6 June

“It was beautiful”–6 June

“A marvel this has survived and a blessing what you have done to continue”–5 June

“Innovative appropriated to learning history, excellent presentation, very well done”–5 June

“Great history!”–1 June

“Outstanding!”–30 May

“Interesting history of UK and USA”–30 May

“Interestingly presented and carefully restored”–30 May

“Beautifully done. Loved how the performance brought Ben' story to life”–29 May

“Love the innovative approach and setting ” (Architectural tour)–27 May

“Very interesting with lots of history facts”–26 May

“Beautifully presented”–24 May

“An excellent way to reveal the feats on an excellent man”–24 May

“Excellent history lesson”–23 May

“Had a lovely time and it was so well explained” (Architectural tour)–20 May

“Very exciting to be here!”–18 May

“Very historic and interesting”–17 May

“This was dope”–16 May

“Such an amazing experience. Great out-of-box approach. Many thanks!”–15 May

“I found the tour interesting, learnt quite a bit about Benjamin Franklin” (Architectural tour)–13 May

“A wonderful very clear tour” (Architectural tour)–13 May

“Superb!” (Architectural tour)–13 May

“Wonderful, awesome”–10 May

“A very interesting and enlightening experience”–9 May

“Lovely!”–9 May

“A very daring and interesting tour, I worked at an 18th Century home in the US and will be feeding lots of ideas back to my colleagues. Thanks”–9 May

“Realistic and haunting”–9 May

“Different, interesting”–8 May

“Sensational presentation, many thanks”–8 May

“As a British citizen Resident in Main Line Philadelphia, It was a very enlightening and interesting tour” (Architectural tour)–6 May

“Fantastic Experience! Imagery and acting very fine. Congratulations”–5 May

“I really enjoyed! You don't have to change anything in my opinion”–3 May

“Very well done, very educational plus fun!”–3 May

“New perspective into B Franklin, thank you”–2 May

“Thanks for preserving the ONLY Franklin House”–1 May

“Very Moving Experience. Thank you”–1 May

“Fascinating introduction to a great man”–1 May

“What a wonderful way to present Ben Franklins House”–1 May

“Brilliant idea utilising technology and live performance, conveyed a strong sense of realness to his character. Please keep on”–28 April

“Very outstanding, truly unbelievable!!”–28 April

“Interesting historical presentation”–28 April

“FANTASTIC! Thank you”–28 April

“Very informative, very worth while. Thank you”–27 April

“Awesome way to bring history to life!!”–26 April

“Very enjoyable and innovative way of explaining Franklin's amazing talent”–25 April

“Amazing tour. Love to transported back to his time”–24 April

“Fascinating man and a fascinating period of history”–24 April

“Very interesting and atmospheric!”–24 April

“Wonderful way of learning”–19 April

“Interesting way to tell the story”–19 April

“Fabulous! Very Informative”–18 April

“Really interesting plus lovely house”–18 April

“This was all that I hoped it would be. A fascinating approach to really important figure. Interesting for heritage & history practice and well presented by the live actor, and interesting”–18 April

“A unique and beautifully presented experience”–17 April

“It was brilliant!!! Hidden history, stuffed full of mystery”–13 April

“A lovely little gem”–12 April

“Interesting, very informative, would come see it again + take out friends :)”–11 April

“Very nice surprise, I didn't expect such an interesting presentation. It’s like travelling in time!”–11 April

“I am a professor and bring American students to London every springs. I'm sure we'll be back”–10 April

“A wonderful experience. The staff was so friendly and the show so quaint”–10 April

“Delightful, informative, and entertaining”–10 April

“Fascinating + very well produced”–5 April

“Very well explained and atmospheric”–4 April

“Wonderful presentation all around. Makes you feel a part of the whole experience”–4 April

“Brilliant, very informative”–3 April

“You can almost feel the presence of an ancient genius”–3 April

“Wonderful presentation, great way to make the history come alive. Excellent way to learn about Franklin”–3 April

“Wonderful acting and very poignant story, will tell our friends”–30 March

“A most ingenious tour, very well presented. Thank you!”–30 March

“Everybody was so kind and I enjoyed it”–28 March

“Very well done and very different than other historical tours I have been to”–28 March

“A novel experience”–28 March

“Wonderful experience for Americans”–28 March

“A great man. Good show, was worth it!”–28 March

“Wonderful surprise, a hidden treasure”–28 March

“The perfect mix of entertainment and history!”–27 March

“Very interesting experience, it really gave a good sense of life to the house”–27 March

“A incredible experience, well done. Unique! Thank you”–22 March

“Nice mingling of virtual/real performance”–22 March

“The very best historic tour of my life!! Thank you”–22 March

“Fantastic experience, and very immersive. The staff are wonderful and extremely lovely”–21 March

“Very well done an excellent way of telling history”–20 March

“Excellent. Did not realise what a clever and interesting man he was”–20 March

“Excellent presentation, very engaging staff, very friendly and knowledgeable”–17 March

“Splendid experience. Actor and recording worked magically”–17 March

“So good to see this house loved and in good condition”–16 March

“Really interesting just to see the past brought to life!!!”–16 March

“Beautifully restored and conserved. Historically of great interest. Tour was excellent. Thank you”–16 March

“Very well thought out very interesting and a totally different aspect on a museum”–15 March

“A revelation!”–14 March

“I will fetch my grandchildren - have been to USA and visited places about BF. Will come again soon”–14 March

“Effective presentation, historical effects and information first rate”–13 March

“Wonderful, complimented my study of the American Revolution”–13 March

“An original presentation, excellent presentation from actors/documentist. Lovely experience, well done all the staff :)”–8 March

“Interesting way of presenting B Franklin's life. To concentrate on the characters rather than just the house he lived in”–8 March

“Uniquely interesting”–7 March

“Both entertaining and informative, as an American I thought I knew everything about Ben Franklin, but I learnt so much”–6 March

“Excellent tour, very interesting piece of hidden London history”–4 March

“Excellent format, very good storytelling”–24 February

“Very interesting, good mis-en-scene”–23 February

“Very interesting, informative and inspiring”–22 February

“What a surprise, excellent!”–21 February

“Outstanding, informative and wonderful experience and attraction”–21 February

“Excellent house, the show was really evocative”–20 February

“Creative”–19 February

“An imaginative way of showing off a small venue”–16 February

“Very instructive and magical effect”–16 February

“Extremely informative and very well presented. A great experience”–14 February

“A beautiful, informative and affectionate tribute”–14 February

“A joy! Fantastic place”–14 February

“Very inspiring! Made me curious”–14 February

“Great acting. Interesting. Friendly”–13 February

“Thrilled to make a visit to BFH on a very cold day. Sympathetic restoration and brilliant historical interpretation. Even better, it is an absolute bargain at 3.50 GBP with my National Trust membership card!”–13 February

“Interesting, unusual, inventive, ingenious”–10 February

“Lovely tour. Very clever how they incorporated the character narrating the story. Very interesting”–10 February

“I liked the fact it is a conservation project”–9 February

“We brought a group of NT members today; they found the visit most interesting, makes a change from English history”–8 February

“Very educational, enjoyable and real. Thank you!”–7 February

“This could NOT have been a better experience. My students loved it! The combination of technology and story-telling is perfect!”–6 February

“Very well produced. Thank you”–6 February

“Very evocative of the man and the times”–6 February

“Enlightening, enriching thank you”–3 February

“A treasure; excellent 'staging'”–3 February

“Charming. Very enjoyable”–3 February

“Interesting. Brought to life very well”–2 February

“Excellent, well worth the hour it takes  :)”–2 February

“Definitely different than any house/museums. Thanks a lot. That was great!”–1 February

“A house brought to life with a few touches!”–31 January

“Mighty atmospheric, very peaceful and fascinating and historic”–31 January

“An absolute delight!”–28 January

“Excellent! Thank you, I'll recommend to all I know!”–27 January

“Its not just charming and historical. It’s performance art, very cool!”–27 January

“I thought the acting was brilliant and provided a unique interacting tour experience”–26 January

“Fascinating and very moving to be here”–25 January

“Very interesting and educational”–24 January

“Awesome!”–23 January

“So good, liked the presentation style and the importance of preserving history”–23 January

“Fascinating, must go do some further reading!”–20 January

“It was not as I  thought it would be at all. I had lots of fun, plus I really think it is one of those places you just don’t expect”–20 January

“The 'Historical Experience' was very engaging and informative. It was a welcome change from static displays”–19 January

“Very original and moving presentation which fascinated my 8 year old”–19 January

“Excellent, original explanation of Franklin's life in London”–17 January

“Happy birthday Ben, what a wonderful tribute to him!”–17 January

“Thank you so much. It was extraordinary and magnificent!!!”–11 January

“I thought it was very interesting and the time passed very quickly”–9 January

“The architectural tour was amazingly informative and fun. I am a designer in the States who is studying architecture and found it very interesting and learnt very much. I like the way the building is in the state it is and shows the history from Georgian, Regency and Victorian”–7 January

“Amazing & informative!”–7 January

“Very surprised and pleased to find this house!”–7 January


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