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Aomments from 2012


“Really do not know how you improve on this”–30 December

“It was far more informative than I expected it to be. Very atmospheric! Good acting”–30 December

“Was really fun, I liked the effects”–30 December

“Awesome historical experience”–29 December

“Wonderful opportunity this visiting the first (de facto) American embassy”–29 December

“Loved the tour, it was exciting, amazing, I felt good”–29 December

“Interesting way of showing history”–29 December

“Tres bon experience”–29 December

“Awesome. Out of 10 I'd give it 10”–23 December

“So much better than history class in school. I loved it”–23 December

“Vivid and really interesting!”–23 December

“It was fine, fine, fine”–22 December

“Learned a lot about Franklin that I didn't know before”–19 December

“A genuine conversation through history. Splendid”–17December

“Rather an unusual visit. I was expecting something like an exhibit. It was a great surprise. The way it was pulled together made me feel like being part of it. Enjoyable, sometimes funny and very interesting overall. Thank You :)”–16 December

“Having just read his biography I found the visit quite interesting”–13 December

“Great show, very interesting like in theatre”–12 December

“Very interesting, how did he fit it all in?”–8 December

“A very interesting and enjoyable visit”–6 December

“Beautiful and unusual tour that brought the story to life”–6 December

“Very informative and great experience, Thank you”–5 December

“This has helped me with my A level studies. Thank you”–2 December

“History truly brought to life…”–1 December

“The actress was brilliant and the story fascinating”–1 December

“Very interesting. I am from Philadelphia and it was grand to learn another aspect of Franklin's life”–1 December

“My kids loved it! Very educational and entertaining!”–28 November

“Very good: not a "usual museum"! Truly interactive, very well done!”–28 November

“Very evocative!”–28 November

“Lovely!”–26 November

“Wonderful.  Very moving story telling”–25 November

“It was very cool and most of the things I didn't know....”–24 November

“Very good presentation. Unique!”–23 November

“Excellent description of BF life and his huge influence”–22 November

“A wonderful opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Ben Franklin, in a space he called home, an opportunity rarely offered in America”–21 November

“A fascinating story based on historical fact-what a wonderful experience - wish it was more advertised!”–21 November

“Different! Very informative”–21 November

“Most interesting and sympathetic... portrait of his life and times”–21 November

“Very well presented. The right length & depth of info”–17 November

“Very interesting, novel presentation”–17 November

“Brought us into his life experiences as no film can do”–17 November

“Very impressed by the novel way in which history was brought to life by use of an actress”–14 November

“This was cool! I never thought I'd find a Ben Franklin museum in London”–14 November

“A wonderful presentation and experience. Thank You”–14 November

“Very entertaining and informative. Will recommend”–14 November

“Excellent presentation, novel way of learning history - great atmosphere”–14 November

“Stimulated thought, Good value for money”–11 November

“I found it a nice way to enjoy each room as they might have been used”–11 November

“It was a very interesting way of presenting historical information and about a most interesting character”–11 November

“Very informative and interesting; the rooms create a good atmosphere....”–11 November

“Museum is a fitting tribute to a great man of learning”–10 November

“Wonderful to experience, as an American, a proportion of life of one of greatest Founding Father's. Wonderful and unique method of presentation. Very well done”–9 November

“Very fun to see about his life when he was in London, because that is not well known in the US”–8 November

“Very interesting - I learnt a lot about a man whose name I've always known, but about whom I know nothing”–8 November

“I need an armonica now”–6 November

“A novel way of presenting an exhibition”–31 October

“Excellent presentation! Very interesting and worthwhile”–31 October

“Great atmospheric presentation- many thanks to the excellent guide and will return in the future”–31 October

“Excellent presentation and very interesting part of history, well worth the visit”–31 October

“Amazing to walk in his footsteps!”–29 October

“Very good. Well pleased”–28 October

“Wonderfully preserved home and historical insight”–28 October

“I have never experienced such a delightful experience in an historic tour!  So creative and powerful in it's delivery.  Well done”–25 October

“I loved the tour very different from others”–25 October

“A lovely experience thank you :-)”–25 October

“Wonderful presentation”–24 October

“Terrific! Thank you!”–22 October

“Most enjoyable and very enlightening”–19 October

“Often quite moving - well done Polly”–17 October

“Enchanting & imaginative. The acting was brilliant. Very informative”–17 October

“Perfect 'show', perfect actress.  We've never seen something like it!”–13 October

“Second visit! Enjoyed it again!”–13 October

“Awesome!”–12 October

“Great acting. Thanks”–12 October

“Thank you, we had a great time! Very interesting”–10 October

“Well done. Go Ben F”–8 October

“Loved it so much!”–8 October

“Totally loved the mini history lesson in the form of a play =)”–7 October

“Very impressed”–5 October

“COOL!”–5 October

“It was great to see and experience the actual location where Franklin worked and lived”–5 October

“Creative, Informative, Entertaining!”–4 October

“Very Beautiful! Thanks!”–1 October

“Most interesting - more than just an architectural or archeological tour. Really like all the facts”–1 October

“Well done! Brings Mr. Franklin to life”–30 September

“It's Beautiful!”–30 September

“Amazing and extremely informative! Thanks :)”–30 September

“Marvellous - really enjoyed Polly”–30 September

“I thought it was one of the best presentations I've ever seen!”–29 September

“A excellent tour, which has left me excited to learn more, many thanks”–29 September

“Very nicely done. It opened up a view of Franklin that was previously unknown”–29 September

“It was such a great experience. Very different to typical museums, but extremely interactive and a great treat”–27 September

“Excellent presentation. Top quality!”–27 September

“Tremendous experience! Best in London! Thank you”–26 September

“Very charming & original tour! Thank you!”–26 September

“Fantastic history. Well done”–22 September

“Loved the original house story”–22 September

“Interesting look into life of Franklin”–22 September

“Brilliant. Good work”–22 September

“Fascinating, well done!, very moving original rooms and boards. A great place”–21 September

“You've done Ben proud!”–21 September

“Very interesting, a complex story well presented”–20 September

“Fantastic! A spiritual experience from the past”–13 September

“Nicely reconstructed”–12 September

“Absolutely awesome, incredible!!!”–12 September

“Excellent, informative and sold in a creative and fun way”–12 September

“Very interesting, I learnt a great deal about Franklin's time in London”–9 September

“I learned so much about Ben Franklin, now I want to know more”–8 September

“The professional actress was wonderful, so well informed, she was believable and took us back in time. I thought I was actually in the house of BF, plus he was here”–8 September

“Very good production with great actor”–7 September

“Fascinating. Delightful representation of a fabulous life in situ. Many thanks”–6 September

“A fascinating house a great man!”–5 September

“Learned a lot about BF that I didn't know. The links to modern times is interesting - Franklin stove, lightning rod”–3 September

“Quite different to what I was expecting really enjoyed”–2 September

“Very interesting and unique! Enjoyed it, thanks!”–2 September

“Wonderful presentation”–1 September

“Really theatrical, fascinating”–1 September

“A delightful journey into the life of a great visionary”–30 August

“Very immersive and entertaining - wonderfully presented”–30 August

“ Very interesting and well done. I'm glad that at least one Franklin house has been preserved”–27 August

“I would strongly recommend this house. Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience”–25 August

“Very creative and artistic presentation”–24 August

“Enlightening!”–24 August

“It was great experience. I have never seen it and I'll come here again next time”–24 August

“Gave me a further understanding of BF's life and accomplishments”–23 August

“Very thoughtfully put together and intriguing glimpse of an intriguing life”–23 August

“It was really fun. I expected [it] to be great, but not this great!”–22 August

“I want to do it again!!”–22 August

“Great lesson for my kids. Thanks!”–22 August

“Amazingly different!”–20 August

“Interessantissimo!!”–20 August

“Fascinating brings history to life”–19 August

“Very interesting, it filled in a lot of gaps in my history”–17 August

“A beautiful visit in honour of a great man”–17 August

“Back in time to meet this great man, thanks”–17 August

“Simply wonderful, I  leave educated and inspired”–17 August

“A wonderful opportunity to see the last remaining Franklin home”–15 August

“Great tour for information. Like the house being in natural state”–15 August

“Very informative and interesting. Love the little known facts!”–15 August

“Wonderful visit, so cool and very interesting. I enjoyed it a lot”–15 August

“I am from the States, so it was interesting to hear about a London side of Benjamin Franklin, very enjoyable”–15 August

“Full of additional knowledge about BF”–13 August

“I Loved it! I could stay there”–13 August

“Informative, really reveals the house and Franklin's family life”–13 August

“Great hidden gem!”–12 August

“Beautifully and charmingly done, with sufficient depth and "content"”–12 August

“Many thanks to Polly and her team! Wonderful”–11 August

“Absolutely terrific, history comes alive!”–11 August

“Just awesome”–5 August

“Another part of Ben Franklin's life that I had no idea about”–10 August

“It was amazing and I will definitely recommend”–9 August

“Excellent!! Informative!!”–9 August

“Faultless, glad I came :)”–8 August

“Memorable”–8 August

“A fantastic representation of BF's life, thank you”–5 August

“Very different, unique and interesting experience”–5 August

“Very informative and entertaining, brought it to life, well done!”–4 August

“A little known & stimulating experience”–4 August

“Absolutely lovely and well executed”–3 August

“Utterly entrancing, thank you”–3 August

“Really wonderful and very different”–3 August

“Very good show, well thought out, quite clever”–2 August

“Lovely, anywhere Ben has been, we must visit, tell more Americans”
–2 August

“Very stirring performance”–1 August

“Beautiful experience”–1 August

“Very well organized and executed”–1 August

“Fascinating house and interesting history”–30 July

“Very interesting and amazing”–29 July

“Great show – present USA politicians need to visit this house”–27 July

“A great experience in a well put-together "museum"!”–26 July

“History brought to life”–25 July

“A great experience in a well put-together "museum"!”–26 July

“History brought to life”–25 July

“Very enjoyable- a good discovery!”–23 July

“Absolutely brilliant, learned a lot, thoroughly entertaining”–20 July

“It's beautiful”–20 July

“Extremely well-done - both informative and aesthetically interesting”–20 July

“Well-done. Wonderful use of the house. Good history. Thank you”–18 July

“Because of this house Franklin's history will never die =)”–16 July

“A little piece of real history”–16 July

“Very interesting and informative, loved the dramatic representation, thank you”–15 July

“It was a cool way to see a historical building and made me want to review my US history”–15 July

“Absolutely brilliant, gorgeous old house”–14 July

“In an age of bland un-enquiring, unlearned politicians, I recommend anyone who wishes to go into public scene visit this house. Franklin is an inspiration to us all, congratulations on keeping his spirit alive”–14 July

“Very well done, good mix of entertaining stories and information”–14 July

“Makes history come to life. Great”–12 July

“Illuminating- what a man- we could do with him now!”–11 July

“Very involving- felt like a great novel!”–11 July

“Comprehensive and detailed presentation/tour. Enjoyed the imaginative delivery of information”–11 July

“Simple and effective, thanks”–9 July

“A hidden gem”–9 July

“Awesome Tour. The actress was very clearly spoken and the tour was very dramatic!”–8 July

“It was so interesting and a fascinating insight into 18th C London and its relations with USA”–8 July

“I loved the costumes/acting. Also, the history charts were informative”–7 July

“Wonderful + powerfully informative”–6 July

“Played beautifully by the actress. After reading his bio 5 years ago, everything came to life again”–6 July

“Good, enjoyed it. Very well done. Amazing floors!”–6 July

“A wonderful house and man - great experience. BF was born too soon sadly!!”–5 July

“He led an interesting life + there was more to his life than what is taught in the USA”–2 July

“Very good and educational”–1 July

“So moving feeling very proud of Ben Franklin and America”–1 July

“Very well organized, produced, informative and enjoyable”–30 June

“Great to see the home of our great-great-great-great grandmother and father. Thanks to keeping in such great shape”–30 June

“Informative and effecting. Well done”–30 June

“It's so interesting I don't expect that the history of a person can be so well shown”–30 June

“Very interesting explanation of how the house was used by its inhabitants. Good to try the glass armonica”–30 June

“I Black heart (cards)BF”–29 June

“Most interesting and moving and well presented. Congratulations Polly!”–29 June

“Wonderfully uniquely effective telling of history”–28 June

“A mystery man has been illuminated in a very pleasant and informative tour”–28 June

“Learned a full picture of BF's life”–27 June

“Really good experience, I know a lot of new things!”–25 June

“Great show, very instructive, well done”–23 June

“Beautifully-artfully done”–22 June

“Awesome, historical and amazing”–22 June

“Excellent show, thoroughly fascinating”–21 June

“Really good show, wonderful, five stars ***** :)”–20 June

“Wonderful tour,  beautiful house. Beautifully conserved”–18 June

“Wonderful tour, makes us very proud of our heritage”–16 June

“Both informative and entertaining”–16 June

“Wonderful experience, a treasure in the heart of London”–16 June

“A super experience, very interesting and most professionally presented, thank you”–13 June

“Fascinating that one man could do so much”–13 June

“Super visit and a bit different”–13 June

“A fun family activity”–13 June

“Loved the place, so glad to see what you’ve done with it, from a direct ancestor of Hewson”–13 June

“Fantastic surprise”–13 June

“Very creative and illuminating”–13 June

“Thanks for a bit of history!”–10 June

“Different, nice change of pace!”–10 June

“Awesome job!”–10 June

“Very Informative”–10 June

“First rate!”–10 June

“Lovely and very interesting!”–9 June

“Very well done”–9 June

“Fabulous ”–9 June

“I liked the creativity! ”–9 June

“Very enjoyable ! I learned a lot of new things!”–9 June

“Grazie!”–9 June

“Captivating! Wonderful!”–7 June

“Very enjoyable - I am inspired to discover more”–7 June

“Loved it!”–6 June

“Very interesting show and great acting. I learnt a lot today”–6 June

“Really enjoyed it, very interesting. Would like to volunteer here”–6 June

“Interactive”–6 June

“Wonderful tour, beautiful house, Thank you for furthering Benjamin Franklin's history in London”–4 June

“Very engaging, interesting and unique!”–2 June

“Lots of fun! And a very beautiful house”–2 June

“Loved it!”–2 June

“I loved how contemporary thought and speech was brought to life”–2 June

“It's like being home - the USA”–2 June

“Impressive re-enaction”–1 June

“Wonderful!”–1 June

“Volunteers were great… Amazing, Actress was brilliant”–1 June

“Very cool!!!”–1 June

“Very well done - did not know all this before I came”–20 May

“Wonderful dramatic presentation”–20 May

“Very well done!”–20 May

“Informative and interesting historical site. Thanks!”–20 May

“Left with more knowledge about Benjamin Franklin”–20 May

“Fantastic”–20 May

“Wonderful building and very informative”–19 May

“Excellent mix of setting & video”–19 May

“Informative”–18 May

“Great fun - thank you!”–18 May

“Very enlightening, thank you”–18 May

“Wonderful! Learned things I had never heard about Ben Franklin before”–18 May

“This is very good presentation”–18 May

“Brilliant show. Learned a lot”–17 May

“Very good historic perspective”–17 May

“Wonderful presentation. Enjoyed every bit”–17 May

“Presentation style and execution = excellent!”–17 May

“Very well dramatised and explained”–17 May

“Very interesting, had no idea BF did so much!”–17 May

“Very interesting and loved the bare simplicity in its surroundings. History felt strong! ”–16 May

“I loved it. Moody and informative”–16 May

“A jewel. Brilliant talk. Many thanks”–14 May

“Wonderful dramatic presentation - so glad to hear Mr Franklin's words skillfully incorporated”–14 May

“Good, it prompted me to buy his biography (I have been thinking about reading one but had not done till today”–14 May

“Awesome :)”–13 May

“Beautiful house”–13 May

“Thank you for a lovely time”–13 May

“This was a lovely experience; thanks so much for sharing!”–12 May

“Very historical”–12 May

“A most enjoyable and educational hour - many thanks”–12 May

“A great view of the life of Ben Franklin, a Renaissance man!”–11 May

“Learned new things that as an American I did not know! Lovely!”–11 May

“We loved both our visits to this very historically important house.  ...We came two days in a row! ”–11 May

“Loved seeing the only home of Franklin”–11 May

“Historical information about Franklin, some of which I was unaware, was most interesting to learn about his years in London”–10 May

“Excellent presentation, mixing technology with sound...seamlessly. Well done”–9 May

“A very imaginitive approach to the subject”–9 May

“Very interesting and creatively presented-and educational!”–9 May

“Excellent show”–9 May

“A+++++ VERY GREAT!”–9 May

“Excellent use of video & sound to help tell the story of Franklin in London. Love the timeline showing events in Franklin's life with other key events in European history and scientific discovery”–9 May

“Very clever way of making history come alive. Thanks for the great tour and acting. I learned so much”–9 May

“Merci pour le commentaire en francaise!”–7 May

“Lovely story- thank you very much”–7 May

“Very creative and informative. Well done. Got a sense of his personal life in London”–5 May

“Very enjoyable and informative. A real gem. Excellent presentation and I enjoyed the way the house has been presented”–5 May

“Special presentation using the words of Franklin and others – very interesting!”–5 May

“Friendly staff, beautiful tour, I had an amazing time overall”–4 May

“Not knowing beforehand what to expect, I was overjoyed to experience this multi media event. It brought the history to life in a way no other venue has on our trip to London”–4 May

“Terrific show”–4 May

“A most imaginative and informative way to show off this place”–3 May

“Original, informative, spot on!”–2 May

“Very nice, imaginative, original, instructive”–2 May

“I loved it!! Really fun and original, a very good actress”–2 May

“One of the best tours ever, very informative and enjoyable”–29 April

“Unique”–27 April

“Delightful presentation, informative slides, very pleasant staff. Many thanks”–25 April

“Thank you for the tour & conservation of this important building”–23 April

“A nice way to walk and learn some history. Thanks!”–23 April

“Brilliant idea and interactive”–23 April

“Excellent. Knew a little about Franklin before but learned more and now wish to read more. A unique approach”–23 April

“Very enjoyable. The excellent presentation brought the property to life”–23 April

“Marvellous!”–22 April

“Excellent portrayal of his life, very clever. Actress was excellent”–21 April

“I thought the acting and performance by Polly was magnificent, the timing was perfect and I found it extremely interesting and informative” –21 April

“Brilliant narration. Expressive. History comes alive” –21 April

“Brought history alive. Fun and professional!”–21 April

“Very Good. Truly set the mood”–19 April

“Thank you for saving this house! One can truly feel the ambience of Franklin's time here. Great employees!”–19 April

“Well acted, great AV use, wonderful experience”–18 April

“I thought it gave a great overview of Franklin and his contributions to science, plus the founding of the US”–14 April

“Fantastic experience. Very innovative way of presenting history”–14 April

“Excellent experience, highly enjoyable and informative” –14 April

“An excellent way to present history” –13 April

“Very informative and well structured”–12 April

“Lovely visit to a small museum space, very well executed – thank you”–11 April

“Brilliant! Unique experience”–11 April

“An imaginative and superb experience”–11 April

“WOW! Who would have thought history could be fun!”–7 April

“Very, very interesting and enjoyable. Smashed our expectations. Thank you very much!”–7 April

“Really engaging commentary. A real feel of his (Benjamin Franklin) life in London” –5 April

“Electrifying” –5 April

“Excellent creative presentation - would highly recommend”–4 April

“Fascinating and ultimately very moving experience”–4 April

“Well produced, informative and moving. Thank You”–1 April

“Very interesting and gave a different insight into the kind of person Benjamin Franklin was”–31 March

“Very informative, well-done, actress was wonderful” –31 March

“Loved it. Such an interesting man. Excellent acting on the part of your guide” –29 March

“Fantastic presentation, a lot of hidden details”–29 March

“Well paced and atmospheric”–28 March

“Meaningful experience”–24 March

“Informative, dynamic, unexpected experience”–24 March

“Very interesting and unusual tour, different to many tours I've done in the past” –23 March

“Very informative and delightfully presented” –22 March

“Refreshing. Animated. Engaging…Friendly”–22 March

“Excellent -- will definitely recommend; different to what expected”–18 March

“Pleasant surprise to find so much American history in London”–17 March

“Very well presented and authentic. Covers his life really well. Imaginative” –16 March

“Simply great” –16 March

“Excellent show, good combination of the past in the present”–16 March

“A wonderful trip back to the 18th century” –14 March

“Great Performance!!”–11 March

“Absolutely Marvelous!!!”–11 March

“Excellent - high quality stuff, great experience” –10 March

“I greatly enjoyed the Historical Experience. I believe it added great value to the educational aspect of my visit. I also thought the actress, Polly did a splendid job of interacting with the media, House, history, and audience” –10 March

“A very lively, informative tour”–9 March

“Very original presentation, bringing it all to life” –9 March

“It was cleverly done, mixing the historical personage with the video and speaker placement. Very enjoyable - all working here were quite polite and lovely” –9 March

“An original experience - interesting and enjoyable” –8 March

“Extremely good, did not realise what a clever man he was, so full of common sense” –8 March

“It was brilliant, I didn't know much about Ben Franklin's history but feel very informed. Its great to have this history presented” –8 March

“Fascinating, inspirational” –5 March

“Will be back!”–5 March

“Direct descendant of Ben Franklin so really cool to see where an ancestor lived”–3 March

“This is an excellent memorable experience. Very friendly staff”–3 March

“Enjoyed use of recordings, sound, and guide” –3 March

“Very informative - loved the idea of Polly bringing everything to life” –3 March

“Excellent presentation and enthusiastic volunteers”–3 March

“Really good presentation of history! Very enjoyable. Excellent acting!” –2 March

“This was wonderful!” –1 March

“Excellent place to visit - we will pass it on to others” –29 February

“Brilliant drama - so much interest” –29 February

“A group visit: fascinating and informative, a learning experience” –29 February

“Amazing combination of technology, acting and history” –29 February

“You made the most of the space - it was evocative! ”–26 February

“Very interesting and well put together”–26 February

“Wonderful way to learn about a fascinating person” –26 February

“A magical experience” –25 February

“Informative, reflected atmosphere of the times”–24 February

“Fascinating House - thanks!” –24 February

“Most fascinating at explaining a febrile life and inventor- varied a life” –24 February

“Very informative, and rather inspiring!” –24 February

“Loved it!” –24 February

“Very informative, full of history, wonderful re-enactments” –22 February

“Unexpectedly fascinating and unusual. The style was lively and informative. None else like it!” –22 February

“Excellent - very informative - atmospheric - you really feel you were living in Franklin's time” –22 February

“Extremely professional and enjoyable: a fine way of bringing a man to life” –10 February

“Very good, interesting way of teaching us about Benjamin Franklin - it brought him and his times to life” –22 February

“An interesting way to make history come alive” –22 February

“Enlightening history of the time” –22 February

“Wonderful & informative!”–22 February

“Lovely performance!” –22 February

“Very informative” –22 February

“I felt privileged to take this tour” –22 February

“Very informative and enjoyable” (Architectural tour) –13 February

“It was very informative, something I would suggest to others. The replicas were amazing” (Architectural tour) –13 February

“Excellent experience, I have wanted to make the tour for ages” (Architectural tour) –13 February

“Interesting!” (Architectural tour) –13 February

“Very interesting and thought provoking” –12 February

“Amazing, a very good tour! Learned a lot about B. Franklin” –12 February

“Fascinating insight into the life of Benjamin Franklin” –11 February

“Unique, interesting presentation!” –11 February

“This experience changed my life. The narrative spoke to me... the actress was phenomenal and the staff were warm and welcoming” –11 February

“It was like a flashback into a past life of mine! Franklin has changed so many people's lives.... The staff were brilliant and helpful” –11 February

“An extremely fascinating journey!” –11 February

“Extremely professional and enjoyable: a fine way of bringing a man to life” –10 February

“Unique experience” –9 February

“The visit is very interested and interactive. Thanks a lot!” –9 February

“Par excellence” –8 February

“...One of the little jewels in London” (Architectural tour) –6 February

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Very polished performance. Highly Informative. So much to take in, it is well worth a second visit. This is the only BF home in the world, so it must be maintained” –5 February

“Excellent show, it was like being on stage!” –5 February

“Well explained: house is very informative as an 'object' in its right (with or without Mr Franklin)” –3 February

“Nice interpretation, enjoyed the information” –3 February

“Nice little tour. Informative” –3 February

“Great Show!” –2 February

“It was great, very educational!” –2 February

“Glad we found it! A great place of history” –2 February

“Very lovely exhibit and house” –2 February

“Well done! Interesting” –1 February

“Fantastic experience, an interesting presentation” –1 February

“Learnt a lot, very fascinating” –30 January

“A delightful discovery” –30 January

“Very interesting to see such a well restored property with such an important historical connection” –30 January

“Intriguing new way of presenting; sparks interest in learning more; would like to have a couple rooms of more material on Ben Franklin to see and read” –29 January

“An amazing experience. Thank you” –29 January

“Unique and well done!!” –29 January

“A great person. Inspired by everyone!” –29 January

“Makes me want to find out more about him! Very interesting!!” –28 January

“An amazing impression” –28 January

“Excellent tour format - more of an involved experience. Very interesting - holds your attention for the whole tour” –28 January

“Very well done. Perspective not seen in America” –28 January

“I greatly enjoyed the film and the historical experience. This is a wonderful way to share the history” –28 January

“Brilliant actress, great visuals. Feels like I have been transported into the past” –28 January

“Very good range of information, politics, science etc” –27 January

“Really interesting + very different, lovely!” –27 January

“Very professional presentation” –27 January

“Outstanding!” –26 January

“Informative and the people were very nice” –26 January

“Loved the production element. Very interesting” –26 January

“We have learnt so much about BF” –25 January

“Brilliant way of conveying info and emotion in the absence of a full museum collection, well done!” –25 January

“Very informative, excellent commentary and knowledge of history of the house (architectural tour)” –23 January

“Great tour guide with 100% knowledge (architectural tour)” –23 January

“What a treasure! So glad we discovered you” –22 January

“Very Interesting, well worth a visit” –22 January

“Wonderful House and a great experience” –21 January

“A very interesting experience, loved it” –21 January

“A great place indeed” –21 January

“Wonderful!!” –19 January

“Very Interesting!!!” –19 January

“Very instructive and entertaining” –19 January

“Very good atmosphere, very interesting details, good pace. Creates a good impression of the social history of BF's time” –19 January

“Very good - informative and entertaining ” –19 January

“Unexpectedly presented, very good” –19 January

“An enjoyable way to experience history” –19 January

“A novel way of presentation much better than many of this kind of experience” –19 January

“We really enjoyed the experience, very personal and effective, thank you” –18 January

“Very thought provoking and enlightening experience” –18 January

“Totally engrossing and packed with information ” –18 January

“Very interesting + thorough” –15 January

“Very unusual and interesting. Extremely entertaining. Will recommend” –14 January

“An interesting reminder of history” –14 January

“A great man” –13 January

“Excellent and very informative, really appreciate the actor/guide” –13 January

“Excellent and very interesting ” –11 January

“A most enjoyable visit portrayed charmingly. Many thanks” –11 January

“Superb!” –11 January

“Excellent tour, fascinating to be in the original house, especially as we are from Philadelphia!” –9 January

“Fantastic way to teach about Franklin's life” –6 January

“Very interesting tour + fascinating to see from the British perspective ” –5 January

“A very creative rendering of the story of this interesting man! Thank you ” –5 January

“Very fun!” –4 January

“Excellent” –4 January

“Creative and unique way to learn about Franklin and his days in London. We all (kids included) loved the whole experience ” –4 January


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