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Aomments from 2011



“Historic Experience made the house come to life and was very interesting and enjoyable” –31 December

“Superb presentation, and modestly explained. Very good” –30 December

“Incredible sense of the man and the times! ” –29 December

“Lovely tour brought to life by characterisation” –29 December

“Very interesting, friendly staff. Well worth a visit. Benjamin Franklin was a man to inspire everyone” –23 December

“A very different tour of a historic house, most entertaining. Would come again” –21 December

“Great” –19 December

“Very Interesting” –18 December

“Wonderful, wonderful tour. Makes a great man come alive! ” –16 December

“Wonderful! Actress was enchanting, story came alive” –16 December

“Very informative and friendly staff” –16 December

“Very interesting; a great journey through the history” –15 December

“A wonderful introduction to a part of history I knew little about. My congrats to all...involved” –14 December

“An interesting insight into the world of Benjamin Franklin ” –10 December

“Excellent combination of multi-media and guide - and great to have questions answered post tour” –4 December

“It was very original and personal - interesting house with nice stairs” –3 December

“We enjoyed it very much - Learned a lot” –3 December

“Fascinating presentation, beautifully acted” –2 December

“Excellent very impressive, well executed” –1 December

“Really enjoyed it. I thought it was innovative and a lot more interesting than traditional museums” –18 November

“Very original and engaging, great use of limited space and artefacts” – 18 November

“Interesting approach to displaying a museum - a lot of interesting info on B. Franklin as a person” – 18 November

“Very good use of space and wasn't downplayed with...clichés. Modern, effective approach ” – 18 November

“Original - enjoyed very much Wasn't sure of what to expect but enjoyed” – 18 November

“Really original. Good combo of film, recorded voices and actress. Still plenty to look at even without actual artefacts ” – 18 November

“Very  interesting - innovative!  Kept me interested” – 18 November

“Really enjoyed the different approach to history” – 18 November

“Would recommend to others” –18 November

“Very informative and aesthetically brilliant” –18 November

“Captivating presentation and highly informative. Element of surprise” – 18 November

“Terrific - the volunteers were superlative and very knowledgeable; Polly was great” – 17 November

“Unique experience, enjoyed the character” – 16 November

“Very interesting. Beautiful building” – 16 November

“Very informative, well presented. Interesting, factual but with personal details as well” –12 November

“Very well presented. Excellent” –12 November

“Very Well Done” –11 November

“The History is really alive here!” – 10 November

“Hidden treasure. As an American and scholar of American history I thought it was quite accurate and interesting” – 10 November

“Excellent good presentation” – 10 November

“It was an enjoyable experience” – 9 November

“Very imaginative way of presenting the history of the house and it's most famous occupant” – 9 November

“Found it by chance, really enjoyed ourselves” –7 November

“Very moving and beautifully presented tribute to a great man. All staff excellent” –5 November

“Loved the theatricality, artifacts, multimedia collaboration. Wonderful guides, beautiful restoration. Loved it all” –4 November

“This was a unique presentation, unlike any other we have experienced in Europe” –4 November

“Enjoyed visit/guided tour very much” – 4 November

“Excellent. Very impressive presentation & enthusiastic guides” – 3 November

“Very informative, enjoyed learning the history of the house” – 30 October

“Absolutely excellent - sympathetic & truly delightful” – 29 October

“Very, very interesting” – 29 October

“It was very interesting and informative” – 28 October

“I felt that history really did come alive, giving me a more real life experience of what Benjamin Franklin would have lived....” – 28 October

“Fantastic. I have read very much [about] Ben Franklin and...his stay in London. The tour did a wonderful job in presenting his life here” – 28 October

“Interesting” – 28 October

“Very nice presentation” – 28 October

“Good performance...added life to the recorded presentation - sound system was effective” – 26 October

“A very enjoyable, varied experience - useful first video followed by a splendid guided tour. The Historical Experience was well scripted and well produced, making good use of the rooms” – 23 October

“Interesting” – 22 October

“Complete surprise for someone who's visited London often! And a great eye-opener for an American. Brilliant combination of video, sound and live action” – 21 October

“Excellent” – 19 October

“Very educational - I learnt new facts about Franklin” – 16 October

“Excellent! I learned a lot and I like the format” – 16 October

“Surprising presentation - creative and informative” – 16 October

“Very interesting” – 14 October

“Good review of Benjamin Franklin in London” – 13 October

“Very interesting, friendly atmosphere” – 13 October

“We loved it - excellent information” – 10 October

“Enjoyable” – 1 October

“As Americans I'm impressed with how much we learned about Ben that we didn't know!” – 30 September

“Very creative way to bring Franklin's London stay to life” – 30 September

“Very interesting. Historical and scientific information given in an entertaining and engaging way” – 29 September

“Very well done, quite an unusual approach” – 29 September

“Very interesting” – 29 September

“Really excellent tour - learned a lot!” – 28 September

“Very inspirational both historically and architecturally” – 28 September

“Excellent. Interesting & well organised” – 28 September

“Very interesting” – 28 September

“Very enjoyable” – 21 September

“Excellent interpretation” – 21 September

“Very excellent” – 19 September

“Great!” – 16 September

“Beautifully done!” – 15 September

“Very informative. Interesting old building” – 12 September

“Loved the costume and theatrical quality. Thank you for preserving this wonderful place” – 11 September

“I thought that the method of presentation was incredibly effective and that the information about Ben's life and discoveries was very interesting” – 10 September

“I though that the whole experience was very informational/educational” – 10 September

“Most informative and atmospheric!” – 8 September

“Excellent Idea” – 8 September

“Inspiring” – 8 September

“Excellent use of space, Great staff. An elegant and comprehensive look into the life of a wonderful man” – 26 August

“Very informative. Like the lack of furnishings - allows the rooms to focus on the original buildings” – 25 August

“I thought it was engaging, entertaining and very informative. It was an original experience” – 21 August

“A real gem” – 20 August

“The timing of the presentation was spot on. Well done” – 20 August

“I thought it was very interesting” – 20 August

“Very informative” – 14 August

“Nice to hear the stories, not just read them on plaques & screens” – 14 August

“Very good and interesting” – 13 August

“I really enjoyed historical experience. Well organized and interesting” – 10 August

“It was incredible to feel yourself in that period and living there” – 10 August

“Very interesting” – 4 August

“Ben Franklin was a great man for humanity ” –4 August

“It was awesome” –3 August

“A real gem” –3 August

“House well preserved. Historical experience was interesting. Engaging and entertaining” – 3 August

“Very informative. We were able to experience how it was like because they kept the house as it is and the female actor...did a great job at playing the role of Ms Stevenson's daughter” – 3 August

“Unique, worthwhile....” – 30 July

“I enjoyed it very much! I learned a lot about him, his beliefs and his personality! Well done!” – 30 July

“I loved it....” –27 July

“Historically interesting and informative. Different format to 'normal' which made it more enjoyable” –27 July

“Great - innovative” – 27 July

“Historical summary most interesting plus how the house was set up ” – 24 July

“Very informative, gave a good impression of life in London at the time” – 24 July

“Very different and interesting” – 23 July

“Very atmospheric, excellent performance” – 22 July

“Very well presented” – 21 July

“Great experience of rich history; friendly staff and a good experience” – 18 July

“Great presentation - excellent combination of the local and global story” – 17 July

“Very well done! Interaction of actress w/others - excellent. Very informative” – 17 July

“The actress was very charming. Really liked the presentation” – 17 July

“Very well presented and balanced - not too much, nor too little information” – 13 July

“Entertaining” – 13 July

“Tremendous visual and educational experience” – 13 July

“Terrific” – 11 July

“Very interesting. Enjoyable” – 10 July

“Excellent use of the visual and dramatic experience” –9 July

“It was very informative. Acting was terrific. We very much enjoyed it. Thank you!” –9 July

“Bought the man to life in a clever, involving way” –9 July

“Very original and interesting way of presenting the story of the house. ” –9 July

“Very different to the "usual". Takes a few moments to get into but very absorbing by the end. Learn more than you realise!” – 9 July

“This was a unique tour. Brought his life to me in a new way. Great info for my students back in the US” – 6 July

“Very informative - whilst I knew something of B. Franklin, it explained and clarified so much in an informative way” – 6 July

“[It] created context to help better understand how the house was used” – 26 June

“A well acted and produced event. V.G” – 25 June

“Outstanding” – 25 June

“Very well done, and moving!” – 25 June

“Very excellent use of the house to re-create history” – 24 June

“Very interesting and imaginative, good actress!” – 24 June

“Very informative and entertaining! Very well done” – 24 June

“1st...of its kind I've seen, very informative and entertaining. Very original” – 23 June

“Very well - rounded experience and friendly staff” – 23 June

“Very well presented, easy to follow and understand” –23 June

“Very interesting! We learned a lot about Dr. Franklin's house that we didn't know” – 22 June

“Interesting way to show house and tell story at same time” – 18 June

“Very nicely done. We enjoyed the visit” – 17 June

“Amazing” – 15 June

“Extremely educational. Much pride as an American” – 15 June

“Intriguing to see the interior, learn how much he accomplished while here and find out about Hewson's work” – 13 June

“Very interesting. I love the fact that the information predominantly came from his letters” – 5 June

“Well guided tour. Felt Franklin real!” – 4 June

“Very creative and well presented” – 3 June

“Brilliant actress transported me to another age” – 1 June

“I felt Benjamin Franklin's presence in each room. Awe inspiring indeed!” –29 May

“Nicely Done” – 28 May

“A lot of fun, so interesting. Pleasant tour guide and staff” – 27 May

“Tres bien ” – 25 May

“This was very special for anyone from the USA - like myself. Probably few Americans are aware of this period of his life - well presented” – 25 May

“Really enjoyed it” – 22 May

“Very interesting” – 21 May

“A nice history of Dr. Franklin's time in England, which is not as well known as his time in France ” – 21 May

“Very dramatic - lots of room for filling in with imagination” –21 May

“I loved the way the story was told with "Ben's friend" and videos” – 21 May

“Historical re-enactment in museums runs a terrible risk of being twee, or even embarrassing for the viewers, but this was subtly & excellently done. Congrats!” – 14 May

“I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the tour” – 14 May

“Outstanding” – 11 May

“Absolutely terrific and imaginative tribute to the man, his house and his time. We loved it” – 5 May

“Splendid - good tie between US and UK” – 2 May

“Absolutely brilliant presentation - the audio/video with sound of ranked order around the room with "Polly" was extraordinary - most effective and engaging - I learned a great deal about Franklin and in his "own" home - amazing! THANK YOU!” – 1 May

“Fabulous!” – 24 April

“Pleasantly surprised.... Wonderfully acted and the videos were most informative and entertaining” – 23 April

“It was very intriguing and put you into the mindset of someone who grew up during Franklin's time” – 23 April

“Very interesting and engaging. Great to get a feel for walking where he walked and understanding his many contributions” – 23 April

“Very good presentation - great actress” – 20 April

“Informative, interesting + Polly was first class” – 20 April

“It was so amazing to visit BFH” – 17 April

“The actress created a very good atmosphere, so I was able to take in a lot of information” – 16 April

“It gave me a view of his personal life I had never imagined before” – 16 April

“Very fun” – 16 April

“Great actress enacting historical conversations and events. Friendly, informative staff” – 15 April

“Very interesting and moving” – 9 April

“Very historical” – 6 April

“Innovative experience!” – 31 March

“Great, interesting, very informative” – 30 March

“Delightful, accurate presentation. A tribute to a great man” – 30 March

“Actress provided more life to the story” – 30 March

“Extremely interesting and I learned a lot” – 26 March

“Fantastic and educational” – 19 March

“We enjoyed the theatrical interpretation and Franklin's life and works ” – 18 March

“Most interesting - from start to finish” – 17 March

“Such a different and wonderful learning experience” – 17 March

“Very enjoyable - excellent staff” – 17 March

“Excellent presentation, very pleasant attendants” – 16 March

“Interesting - a historical period I knew little about ” – 16 March

“It was awesome!” – 4 March

“Interesting show, like in a time machine” – 4 March

“I thought the use of AV was great- really engrossing and well used throughout” – 3 February

“All the staff were so welcoming and friendly” – 3 February

“Very informative - good mix of drama and facts” – 29 January

“Impressed -very well cared-for house, imaginative and very effective ” – 29 January

“Extremely interesting” – 29 January

“Thoughtful presentation” – 22 January

“Very good combination of film and interpretation” – 7 January

“Enjoyable history” – 6 January

“Interesting, amazing actress” – 6 January


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