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Aomments from 2010



“Informative, scholarly in a popular way, enjoyable acting” – 29 December

“Marvelous, interesting, instructive” – 29 December

“Delightful ''find!" We will tell our friends about it” – 22 December

“Interesting history of Franklin” – 20 December

“One of the best experiences I've had in London. The actress was wonderful” – 17 December

“Brilliant! Friendly, professional and very moving” – 17 December

“It was a wonderful visit. The Historical Experience was extremely well done” – 16 December

“We learnt a lot about B.F. and the lives of people in the Georgian period” – 13 December

“Very informative. Open to questions, comfortable environment” – 12 December

“Enjoyed the tour and thought it brought the story alive well” – 9 December

“Fascinating interpretation of the house...with excellent actress, very effective” – 9 December

“Have a good insight into political life of 18th century” – 8 December

“One of the better interactive experiences we have had in a museum” – 5 December

“Very interesting, accessible and entertaining. Appreciate different approach to interpreting the past” – 3 December

“Informative and well prepared. I live in Philadelphia so I know a lot about his time there, just not here” – 1 December

“Unexpected!” – 25 November

“After studying Franklin last year in Philadelphia, this experience provided another dimension of his life” – 25 November

“So much work and thought [went] into this - I really felt like I was listening to the ghost of Ben.... Actress was amazing. Never saw anything like it” – 20 November

“Wonderful immersion into the historical significance of the home” – 20 November

“Got a real sense of the history of both the place and events that took place here” – 20 November

“As an American, I greatly appreciated learning of Franklin's time in England - a topic not addressed in history classes in the US ” – 17 November

“I did not expect 'theatre' so I was surprised and enjoyed it” – 17 November

“A worthwhile visit. Impressed by Polly” – 12 November

“Novel, entertaining, informative” – 10 November

“Intelligently presented and very informative. Found out a lot about B.Franklin” – 10 November

“I very much enjoyed seeing the home of Benjamin Franklin - one of my favourite founding fathers and a fascinating man ” – 8 November

“It was very informative and inspiring. It is a must for all to see” – 29 October

“Just a fantastic experience and lesson in history” – 29 October

“I had so much fun being thrown back into the 1700s!” – 29 October

“How intriguing - I loved the presentation and am now fired up to learn more about the man. If I was American I would be in tears after that - I almost am. Wish we could do something like this for a British historical figure. Well done” – 22 October

“I felt that I stepped into the life of this very great gentleman. I am pleased his legacy continues to inspire” – 22 October

“It was an amazing experience, I have never seen such a thing before” – 21 October

“A wonderful way to present the story of Benjamin Franklin in London” – 20 October

“Very informative and interesting, moving and inspiring. I had known very little about Benjamin Franklin before” – 17 October

“A different way to tell his 'story'. Very interesting” – 15 October

“Very informative - well presented in an unusual and interesting way” – 15 October

“Very different to other museums/heritage sites” – 14 October

“Truly extraordinary lively and effecting, on a very important subject” – 8 October

“Excellent evocation of the historial and political and personal context of the times ” – 8 October

“Entertaining but historically accurate, educational and thorough” – 8 October

“I've never experienced anything quite like it. Full of history, facts and entertaining. Very impressed” – 7 October

“Small venue with awesome presentation” – 7 October

“Excellent interpretation of Benjamin Franklin's time in England, his politics, scientific interests and personal life” – 1 October

“Amazing way to demonstrate history. Much better than signs and artefacts” – 1 October

“Very well presented - with lovely touches by the young actress” – 1 October

“Very vivid immersion into the past life of the house” –1 October

“I enjoyed the way this tour made history 'come to life'” –29 September

“Very informative and engaging” –24 September

“Interesting, new way of experiencing a historic house” –23 September

“Great use of live and filmed media” –22 September

“We learned a lot of stuff we never knew about Ben Franklin” –22 September

“Very educational” –3 September

“Really well done” – 3 September

“Fantastic. As a museum professional from Austrialia very excited about how all the elements worked” –2 September

“Loved the interactive Polly, was excellent. Good overview” –1 September

“Excellent. I did not know he was so important in matters other than independence of America” –1 September

“Very enjoyable. Unique way of telling the story using the actor and film. ” –1 September

“Good idea how to show historical facts” – 26 August

“Didn’t know a lot about B. Franklin so learned a lot” – 26 August

“Fascinating. I loved it” –21 August

“Excellent, very interesting” –20 August

“Informative, interesting” –20 August

“A good reality” –19 August

“Very ingenious way of telling important facts about BF and his part in history, science and politics” –12 August

“Insightful information” –11 August

“Very interesting and informative, and an unusual presentation” –11 August

“Excellent” –6 August

“Fascinating” –2 August

“Very lovely presentation” –28 July

“Very unique” –28 July

“The Historical Experience was an interesting way of engaging with the public. It draws them into the moment” –23 July

“Enjoyed it much more than most museums. Very informative” –23 July

“Really interesting/original way of presenting his life” – 22 July

“A very accurate re-telling of Franklin's London years. I appreciate the humanity you gave him” – 21 July

“Wonderful experience. Very informative and interesting"” – 19 July

“Very educational” –18 July

“Imaginative and effective way of telling Ben's story” –16 July

“Very well executed” –14 July

“Interesting, good use of technology” – 14 July

“Exceptional presentation” – 14 July

“Very interesting and unique approach to a small historical site like this - well done” –8 July

“Wonderful!” –8 July

“Very informative, very well done. Thank you!” –7 July

“Very informative about Benjamin Franklin's stay in London. It provided a good vantage of his trials to keep the peace. I liked the relationship with Polly.” – 7 July

“Wonderful, delightful, fantastic property and "play"” – 1 July

“Very engaging and unique” – 1 July

“A great way to bring history of ideas to life, thank you. It's like a guided fantasy 'so escapist and pleasurable.' Such an interesting man and historical period.” – 30 June

“GREAT” – 30 June

“Very informative - not too much to absorb at one time - was very clear and knowledgable” – 28 June

“An interesting insight into the life of Benjamin Franklin. Well represented” –26 June

“Very entertaining and informative. I learned a lot about Franklin. Thanks for a great experience” –26 June

“It gave me an insight to a man from our history that I had never heard before. Thanks!” –24 June

“Very informative and different presentation” –23 June

“An interesting and novel presentation - liked the intermingling of social and political aspects of Franklin's life here” –11 June

“Fun, informative, using actors was a nice touch. Well done!” –10 June

“Very informative - I liked the way the history was presented in an easy and enjoyable way” –10 June

“An ingenious way of telling BF'S story - he would be very pleased with it” –09 June

“Very educational and interesting” – 07 June

“Different and fascinating” –04 June

“Interesting mixed media/theater approach. Building in itself quite extraordinary” –02 June

“Wonderful - Very informative and helped to get your mind back to 1700's experience” –02 June

“Well acted, clever use of technology, good script showing important facets of his life” –27 May

“Very original presentation- really enjoyed it!” – 27 May

“The best museum experience in London. A wonderful way to present history to visitors” –22 May

“Glad to tour a site where American History meets English History” – 21 May

“A fascinating house” – 20 May

“Unique presentation, unlike most guided tours. Nice Acting!” –19 May

“Interesting and clever dramatisation” –19 May

“Wonderful presentation bringing history to life” – 13 May

“Entertaining, unique, informative and fun” – 12 May

“Very interesting style of historical presentation” –12 May

“It was a most unusual and delightful presentation, informative and beautifully acted, we were transported back to 18th century” –05 May

“Excellent insight for someone with very little knowledge of BF” – 30 April

“It was one of the most interesting and personalized experience in London” – 28 April

“As a totally blind person, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting Benjamin Franklin House. I have found I was able to visualise the dramatic episodes perfectly well. It was a truly wonderful experience” –27 April

“This is an amazing experience with the historical house, an actress bringing it to life and even historical musical instruments. Well worth a visit” –27 April

“This experience is both entertaining and informative - as inspirational as the great man who lived here” – 27 April

“A very enlightening visit” – 26 April

“Lovely, very good” –24 April

“I really enjoyed the experience. I have walked in museums and this presentation was excellent and unique” – 22 April

“I think this is the most interesting and effective form of historical interpretation. It evokes an era and a man in full 3D” – 22 April

“A great deal of information imparted, graphically told!” –21 April

“Very well presented and most informative about Franklin and his life and times” –17 April

“Interesting and innovative way of educating about B. Franklin” – 16 April

“Very interesting and very well done” – 14 April

“Very atmospheric and beautiful” –10 April

“Excellent creativity and delightfully presented” – 9 April

“Nice production, good acting, good story of Franklin's life” – 8 April

“Very informative as well as interesting and entertaining” –3 April

“Great approach to teaching history” – 2 April

“An amazing experince to fill in the 18th century” – 29 March

“Quite instructive way of telling the history of BF in London” – 29 March

“We enjoyed it very much, I will tell others at home about it!” – 25 March

“Very informative. Held my interest. Learned a lot more than expected” – 24 March

“I thought that it was clearly presented and very informative...This experience just enhanced my affection for this statesman” – 20 March

“Very interesting!” – 19 March

“Loved it!” – 17 March

“Very creative presentation, memorable with good detail” – 13 March

“Enjoyable, interesting good coverage of his life and accomplishments” – 11 March

“Interesting and imaginative way of presenting wide range of info, the time just flew by” – 11 March

“A good insight into life at the time of Franklin” – 4 March

“Rewarding, entertaining and educational” – 3 March

“Excellent. Very informative” – 1 March

“Accurate history well presented” – 27 February

“Very enjoyable. I was completely immersed in the spirit of those times. Interesting, educational. An excellent presentation. Well done to those responsible” – 26 February

“Charming” – 24 February

“Terrific” – 21 February

“Very enjoyable experience, novel approach to present important historical events” – 19 February

“Very enjoyable and insightful” – 18 February

“Very creative way for retelling a historical event” – 13 February

“Unexpected, enjoyable, I had fun” – 12 February

“Extremely interesting and informative” – 11 February

“Nice surprise, informative, imaginative, enjoyable” – 10 February

“Wonderful way to present history- it all came to life!” – 7 February

“Excellent. Will recommend to others!!!” – 6 February

“Intriguing mix of audio/visual and live interpretation, very informative...” – 2 February

“Stimulating” –24 January

“Extremely interesting...learnt more than if I'd just read about it” - 23 January

“Absolutely fantastic, so much work and research has gone into this. It is presented in such an imaginative way. Cannot see how it can be improved upon” - 23 January

“Excellent. Extremely well done” - 22 January

“Lively presentation and much appreciated” - 22 January

“Enjoyed the surprise drama” – 20 January

“Very interesting and informative- it has made me much more curious about Benjamin Franklin and I will go away to find out more about him and the period he lived in” – 9 January

“Different appraoch using live interpretation- helped to bring the story of Benjamin Franklin alive very well” – 9 January

“An interesting experience. Enjoyed the focus on the real dialogue of Benjamin Franklin” – 8 January

“The visit to Benjamin Franklin's house was smashing and great” – 8 January

“Wonderful! Great insight into the British/American relationship” – 8 January


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