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Aomments from 2009


“Enjoyed it very much. Learned new things about Franklin” – 17 December

“Enjoyed the acting; found it refreshing from other museums” – 9 December

“Excellent show. Nice to see the place where Benjamin Franklin lived in London” - 29 November

“Very, very good” - 23 November

“History brought to life through fine acting!” - 22 November

“Interesting approach” - 21 November

“I thought it was great. The audio visuals and actress brought the history to life” - 20 November

“A great insight to a great man” - 12 November

“Very creative” - 11 November

“Incredibly fascinating; I thought I knew a lot concerning Dr. Franklin but I learned much more today” - 6 November

 “Didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised” - 30 October

“This is a museum but not a museum- the novelty value makes for a very worthwhile experience” – 29 October

“Enlightening” – 28 October

“Very interesting! Fun to see American history in London” – 25 October

“An excellent performance from the young actress” – 22 October

“Oustanding and unique. Highly recommended” - 21 October

“Very unusual and different. At first a little strange, but by the end was really feeling the presence of Dr. Franklin. Actress was wonderful!” - 21 October

“Very interesting and unusual. Informative” –16 October

“A different way of presentation that was a pleasant surprise” – 14 October

“I enjoyed the presentation and hearing the words of Franklin himself” – 11 October

“Very well thought out, informative and understandable" – 9 October

“Well scripted presentation. Gracious reception” - 8 October

“It was charmingly and clearly presented. It was fascinating for an American, especially from Philadelphia” - 3 October

“Everyone was friendly. Just the right amount of info, enough to make me want to know more” - 1 October

“Very different, and very interesting” - 30 September

“Very nice to see, well conserved” - 19 September

“Excellent presentation- informative and at times, strangely moving. I'll recommend this to all my friends” - 26 September

“Excellently done and I'm originally from Philadelphia, PA, USA” - 25 September

“I was overwhelmed with emotion” - 23 September

“Interesting, I liked that the experience was focused on his time here and not just a biography” - 17 September

“Beautifully performed, well put together, a wonderful experience” - 17 September

“A lovely surprise to be taken round the house by Polly. Very well done, will recommend friends to visit” - 13 September

“Very well presented and acted” –10 September

“It was wonderful” –9 September

“Wonderful mixture of sound, film and live performance” –5 September

“Very enjoyable and informative" – 1 September

“Extremely well thought out and unique approach to teaching history” - 30 August

 “Excellent - wide ranging and well informed” - 24 August

“One of the best museum presentations I have ever seen!” – 20 August

“History at its best” – 20 August

“The Historical Experience was very powerful. ...It drew you in to the life and time of Ben Franklin admirably.” – 19 August

“Fun way to present history” – 17 August

“Interesting. I enjoyed it from beginning till the end” - 14 August

“An excellent visit- most unusual presentation which will be long remembered” - 13 August

“Ingenious. Thank you for emphasizing Science and the Age of Reason” – 9 August

“Subtle, informative, the right length and nice atmosphere. All in all excellent.” – 7 August

“Nice mixture of history, science and music” – 6 August

“Novel and poignant. The tour brings a fascinating man to life.” – 1 August

“A wonderful way to enter history” – 31 July

“Brilliant: So well portrayed”  24 July

“It was so much fun, creative and inspiring” 26 July

“It was a wonderful experience of learning history through a "living" experience.”  25 July

“A great way of presenting” 18 July

“A hidden treasure in the city” 8 July

“I thought it was most excellent combination of historical facts with early science.” 6 July

“Nice atmospheric experience.” 28 June

“Very unique and well done tour!” 27 June

“Novel way of presenting Franklin - well acted.” 15 June

 “Unique, unusual living history site.” 10 June

 “Very creative. Great use of technology to review the history.” 10 June

 “It reminded me how much we owed to so few” 5 June

“It was very interesting and vivid.” 4 June

 “Wonderful history, enjoyed the re-enactment by Polly”  29 May

“Very interesting & different to other museums” 27 May

“Very informative, enjoyed the format. Keep up the good work” 25 May

“It was delightful to see the house restored” 18 May

“Very well done: informative in an imaginative way” 15 May

"A welcome surprise ...impressive" 6 May

“The best historical experience show in London of its kind – a hidden treasure.” 4 May

“Felt it was very enjoyable and made history more understandable.” 1 May

“Very creative. Enjoyed it very much.” 24 April

“As an existing admirer of Franklin, I still learned a number of interesting facts presented in an entertaining way.” 23 April

“I have made a number of trips to London; my visit to Franklin's lodgings in Craven St will certainly bring me back again!” 6 April

“Excellent! Very well done, quite possibly the best thing I've done in London.” 5 April

“The floors are crazy! I had a blast, our guide was wonderful.” 30 March

“Well done! Very much enjoyed the "character" nature of the tour through the eyes of someone who knew Franklin” 27 March

“We really appreciated the enthusiasm of the people who work here.” 26 March

“Very informative show, nicely presented, nice historical background information.” 25 March

“It was fascinating, with excellent use of multi-media.” 18 March

“An excellent over-view of Benjamin Franklin's life and interests. Especially fascinating to visit one of his residences. A fine actress, and helpful guide.” 22 March

“This is an absolutely wonderful event/experience. An effective format, great acting and very educational.” 13 March

“Moving, wonderful, thought provoking - about a true historical hero.” 12 March

“Thank you so much for a fascinating visit - what a clever man - genius!” 11 March

“More engaging than an ordinary tour” 1 March

“Made you feel part of the experience” February 27

“I thought it was brilliantly done, totally fascinating and very informative. The style of presentation worked very well.” 26 February

“Imaginative and informative. The actress was excellent, capturing the period atmosphere well” 25 February

(architectural tour comment) “As a relatively well read American, I was delighted to be informed about, and to experience, Franklin's abode in Georgian London!” 23 February

“Excellent use of multi-media combined with narrative. The actress/narrative was super.” 21 February

“Excellent visit, most enjoyable and interesting - learnt a lot about a man I had little knowledge of before.” 17 February

“Excellently done, with marvellous imagination.” 12 February

“Great educational and cultural experience” 4 February

“Fantastic experience, I had not expected such a fine show. Many aspects of Franklin's life were shown but put in a nutshell, which inspires to explore more about his unusual mind and experience.” 31 January

“Very well done - lecture, slides, actors” 14 January 2009

“Very well presented, lots of interesting information about an intriguing man.” 7 January 2009

Probably the best of its type I have ever visited” 4 January 2009

“A really interesting way to learn about the life of BF. Far more interesting than reading information....” 3 January 2009

“Instructive and enjoyable, many strands of interest including, History, Science and Medicine” 2 January 2009

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