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Appreciated the theatre tour, informative and ingenious’. — 1 March

 ‘We have toured many historic sights. This was one of the best!’ — 8 March

‘In my admiration of Dr. Franklin it was a pleasure to walk the very floors of his existence.’ — 11 March

‘Really enjoyed the tour and the informative performance. Fascinating and excellent value for money.’ — 11 March

‘The walking tour and house tour were fantastic! Thanks for a great historical tour of London’.— 16 March

‘A very inspiring visit. Really well done’.—18 March

‘Excellent architecture tour and very good value- thank you’. 20 March

‘It was a very special experience and a timely tribute to one of the greatest figures of eighteenth century America. I would recommend the house to many’. 31 March

Excellent program.’— 25 February

‘Very inventive. Very moving.’— 23 February

‘The staff was amazing!’— 22 February

‘A very different experience- thank you!’— 15 February

‘Completely engrossing (well done to our "guide"). Wouldn't have changed anything.’— 11 February

‘Your dramatic storytelling was 100 times more memorable than conventional museums. Bravo.’— 11 February

‘I would recommend to my friends.’ — 10 February

‘Brilliant presentation, you made the story of Franklin's life really enjoyable and informative.’ — 8 February

‘Very interesting & informative food for thought!’ — 8 February

‘Great information delivered in an interactive way.’— 4 February

‘Thank you to all involved. Long been on list. Very good time!’— 4 February

‘Inspiring.’— 1 February

‘Excellent visit, many thanks.’— 30 January

‘Brilliant & informative.’— 29 January

‘Wonderful experience, passionately conveyed!’— 16 January

‘Very original way of learning a story.’— 9 January

‘I have just retired from 32 years as a diplomat with the US state department, including service in London. Thank you for preserving this home and for the beautiful tribute you presented honouring one of our greatest Americans.’— 4 January

‘Most enjoyable. Learned a lot about the man I previously did not know.’— 4 January

‘Thanks for such a lovely remembrance to a legendary man.’— 4 January

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