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Aomments from 2014


“Very interesting; way it was presented was very innovative - it just fits”–4 April

“Brought the history to life. Great conservation effort”–29 March

“A wonderfully conserved residence with a tangible taste of historical events”–29 March

“It was a wonderful presentation of the history of the house and the thought and personality of the man, Franklin”–27 March

“Very atmospheric, well done!”–26 March

“Fascinating experience”–20 March

“Tremendous in every way”–19 March

“Presentation very well done! Exceeded expectations”–16 March

“US History in London! Great!”–14 March

“What an honour to be here!”–12 March

“Brilliant! Walking in the footsteps of history!”–9 March

“Awesome! :)”–9 March

“A very well-thought out presentation, well-informed and brought to life!”–5 March

“Really fascinating & unique interpretation of a historic house”–5 March

“A unique experience that was full of amazing history”–5 March

“Loved the live interaction”–2 March

“The historical experience was very engaging”–1 March

“Exciting to walk in Franklin's footsteps! :)”–24 February

“Most interesting and very informative”–24 February

“Excellent presentation, informative, and inspiring”–23 February

“It was something which added greatly to our knowledge”–22 February

“An excellent attraction, informative, and carefully restored”–21 February

“A novel and effective way of bringing history to life”–19 February

“It was wonderful to hear and learn the British side of Franklin!”–16 February

“Most novel old house museum experience, great!”–15 February

“Much appreciated - bit of history - well done - unique presentation”–15 February

“Really good way of telling a story, thank you”–14 February

“Fascinating glimpses of a great 18th century man”–9 February

“Wonderful way of developing a knowledge about Franklin. History, Costumes, Atmosphere - Well Done ”–8 February

“Wonderful.  The best history lesson I've had”–8 February

“It brought the 18th century to life.... Just the right balance between information and humour”–6 February

“Great experience, lovely storytelling. Thank you!”–2 February

“Great – Different take on history”–2 February

“Very informative - makes history interesting”–31 January

“A fascinating and very unusual presentation”–31 January

“Brilliant. A gem”–31 January

“A different experience making the most of what you have. Well done, enjoyed the visit very much”–25 January

“Beautifully presented memory of a great man”–25 January

“Unexpected discovery + a very interesting find”–24 January

“Unusual presentation....Really enjoyed learning history this way”–24 January

“Very interesting and well acted. Informative and entertaining”–23 January

“Nice compliment to Ben!”–19 January

“It was outstanding!”–19 January

“So very interesting and engaging. Live theater brilliant”–17 January

“This must be one of the best kept secrets in London”–16 January

“Informative, the untold half of the story”–10 January

“Very creative way of explaining history”–8 January

“Beautifully paced storytelling”–8 January

“Creativity, Simplicity! Authenticity!”–4 January

“Really worthwhile! Very enlightening”–4 January

“Learnt a lot about Franklin and his impact”–3 January

“Thank you so much for a moving recreation of history”–2 January

“Very good acting, factual and emotional”–2 January


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