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‘Great little museum; story well told’ – 19 April

‘So much more to Benjamin Franklin than we know. Very atmospheric’ – 19 April

‘Very well done. Put a human touch to a very interesting part of history’ – 19 April

‘Wonderfully absorbing and very informative.’ – 17 April

‘Great use of property, superior to many other London museums’ – 12 April

‘Very fascinating to make a kind of theatre out of it - really enjoyed the connection between old and new’ - 12 April

‘Top notch, Thank you!’ - 11 April

‘It was the most exciting museum I have ever seen’ - 8 April

‘Very nice job curtailing info to our interests!’ – 4 April

‘Fabulous experience. Tour guide was excellent’ - 3 April

‘Very friendly and informative staff’ - 3 April

‘Fascinating tour, thanks!’ - 3 April

‘Interesting house and storytelling’ - 2 April

‘Illuminating information from an interesting presentation’ - 28 March

‘Spine tingling in a good way-well done’ - 28 March

‘A fascinating story of an amazing man’ – 27 March

‘Unique experience - thank you!’ – 23 March

‘I loved that stripped down feel what a great preservation story’ – 22 March

‘Fantastic to see the original architecture and learned more about Franklin’ – 21 March

‘Lovely that this important memory is maintained and explained so beautifully! Thank you.’ – 16 March

‘Excellent, really interesting and bought Franklin and the House to life. Thanks!’ – 13 March

‘Interesting history; loved the natural appearance’ – 12 March

‘Great - epitome of Enlightenment.’ – 11 March

‘Interesting medium to describe the London years of an amazing man! What a treasure this house is’ – 7 March

‘An interesting and novel concept!’ - 5 March

‘An excellent site - tremendous achievement.’ - 5 March

‘Been promising myself a trip for ages - glad I made it at last. Thank you!’ - 2 March

‘An excellent presentation. What I liked was the fact that the house had a "natural" feel to it without any "gimmick" or false factor’ - 28 February

‘I loved the films, love actress. Really drew me in & made me feel like I had a visit with Polly and Franklin’ - 26 February

‘Learned so much - even though from Philadelphia!’ - 25 February

‘A real hidden gem’ - 25 February

‘Thank you for treating us as knowledgeable adults. No dumbing down’ - 19 February

‘Very interesting with the role play. You learn and think about history in a different way. Would do it again’ - 19 February

‘Great information and great tour very interesting and lively’ - 17 February

Very smart' - 14 February

'An undiscovered secret of London!' - 14 February

'Amazing visit, very authentic and most interesting!' - 14 February  

'Well thought out - educational and entertaining' - 13 February 

'On honeymoon - learned a lot! Very impressive show!' - 13 February

'Amazingly acted' - 8 February

'Everything seemed really realistic' - 8 February

'Very well done. Really enjoyed it. Will recommend to all our friends' - 7 February

'Wonderful gem of a house - such an informed and friendly guide. Can't wait to come back for the AV tour. Made me want to go away and get a book on Franklin' - 6 February (Archtecture Tour)

'Outstanding! Brilliantly done with care and attention to detail' - 24 January

'One of the best historical stories I have experienced' - 23 January

'A great treat and new facts about one of my favourite Americans!' - 23 January

‘Something different. Very interesting’ - 18 January

‘Great show and exceeded expectations. V. entertaining and informative’ - 17 January

‘What an unexpected find!’  - 17 January

'Superb experience. Very informative and a lot of fun’ - 17 January

‘Surprised and delighted! Will tell friends & come again’  - 16 January

‘Grand. Just Grand’  - 10 January

‘What an excellent way of putting across the history of BF and the building. A gold star to all concerned’  - 8 January

‘Outstanding! Can't wait to come back next time’ - 8 January

‘Incredible house’ - 4 January

‘Great Fun’ - 3 January

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