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W hat teachers and students say 2016


Hartley School

26 April 2016

"I learnt about the human body that um our teeth they make the chop off food and make it easier for us to eat."- Ahmed, Year 4

"My favourite part was to learn about the organs in our body and how William Hewson discovered about our bodies."- Khalda, Year 4

"My favourite part was to learn about electricity that it can um conduct, that lightning can go through conductors like metal and lightning can't go through wood and rubber and some more things"- Tiago, Year 4

"My favourite part was I learnt about that William Hewson he kept the dead bodies in Franklin's House, and we found out how he cut open the bodies and what he learnt about them."- Katherine, Year 4


Brandlehow Primary

19 January 2016

"(I liked playing with the) bone costumes and organ costumes because it was fun having people put stuff on you." - Eliza, Age 9

"I really liked enjoyed learning about the armonica because I never knew you could make sounds with bowls and stuff." - Erel, Age 9

"I really liked meeting Polly because she was really funny and she told us things about Benjamin Franklin that we didn't know." - Anne, Age 10


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