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W hat teachers and students say 2015


Global Explorers Home School

 'I learnt that Benjamin Franklin invented flippers, use when you're swimming' – Tanha, age 11, 1 December

‘I learnt that the lightning rod protect buildings’ – Abdelrahnane, age 11, 1 December

‘I learnt can only see the light because electricity is made out of tiny electrons you cant' see’ – Ahmad, age 10, 1 December


Poplar Primary School

‘What I liked was when we looked in the organs because it looked disgusting but to me it wasn't’ – Year 4 student, 24 November

‘I liked when Polly came because I liked seeing someone from the family of Benjamin Franklin’ – Year 4 student, 24 November

‘I liked the lighting rod experiment because it was cool to see real lightening next to you’ – Year 4 student, 24 November

‘We visited last year and the children really enjoyed the activities. It also supports our science topic on electricity’ - Christine, Teacher, 3 December


Isleworth Town Primary

‘Stephen's visit to our school was also engaging and age-appropriate. The children and adults really enjoyed it. Thank you!’ – Year 2 Teacher, 17 November

‘Thanks so much for the wonderful educational experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed it! A great introduction to our science topic!’ – Year 2 Teacher, 17 November

‘Stephen's visit to our school was also engaging and age-appropriate. The children and adults really enjoyed it. Thank you!’ – Year 2 Teacher, 17 November


Walnut Tree Walk Primary School

“It was a pleasure to visit for children and adults. Very informative, fun, factual - everything you want from a school trip! Thank you” – Catherine Thompson, Teacher, 6 October 2015

 Upton Cross Primary School

“Children had a great time and could explain what they had learnt.” - Jo Copperwait, Teacher, September 2015


Cavendish Primary School

‘I enjoyed the lightning because I liked learning about why lightning is caused, and the sound effects.’ – Clifford, age 11,  30 June

‘I enjoyed learning about where all the different parts in the body are because it enables me to help people if they are ill.’ – Ben, age 11, 30 June

‘I enjoyed being shown around by 'Polly' because she didn't know what all the things we had today were and it was surprising how different it was then.’ – Nicholas, age 11, 30 June


Risley Avenue Primary

‘I liked the room that Benjamin Franklin worked in because it's quiet and natural.’ – Farrah, age 9, 23 June

‘I liked the lightening experiment because I learned that wood is an insulator and metal is a conductor and how they both work.’ – Inara, age 9, 23 June

‘I liked the room where we get to dress up, because it's really fun and exciting!’ – Alysia, age 10, 23 June


L’Ecole de Battersea

‘I really enjoyed watching the thing of the storm and the electricity - how it doesn't go onto the building’ – Capucine, age 7, 19 May

‘I had a visit and what I enjoyed really the most was learning the body parts, how they were named and what they are used for’ – Joules, age 7, 19 May

‘I loved Polly because she is nice and she tells a lot of stuff about when they were in the room and where there was the card room’ – Mia, age 7, 19 May


Weston Park

"I like Polly because she was like really nice and she was really kind and she told us about back in the day" - Mylo, Age 9, 12 May

"I liked meeting Polly because we learnt about Benjamin Franklin's air baths" - Georgina, Age 9, 12 May

"I liked the electric experiment because we saw how electric runs through metal and it could electrocute you very very badly." - Calvin, Age 9, 12 May


 Lovelace Primary

‘I like Miss Polly because she's funny’ – Cynthia, Age 11, 17 March

‘I liked learning new words like anatomist and lots of other new vocabulary to use at school’ Marty, Age 11, 17 March

"I really liked the fact that that guy called Franklin was trying to stop a war, and he was really creative and inventive" Samuel, Age 11, 17 March


Eaton Square School

The Year 6 students had a lovely time. They really benefited from the experience - thank you.' Year 5 teacher, 10 February

I really enjoyed the time at Benjamin Franklin House. The children were really engaged and that is the most important thing!! ' Teacher,  10 February


Yerbury Primary School, 20 January

"I loved the bit when I got dressed in all the bits of the heart and the kidneys, and it was really heavy because there was magnets all over me"  Maisy, 7 years old

'I liked looking at the human body and seeing the bones"  Rose,  7 years old

'I particulary liked the Armonica because I liked the sound of it." Ava, 7 years old

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