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W hat teachers and students say 2014

Home School Visit , 16 December

"I liked the bit when we did the experiment about Benjamin Franklin and thekite because the thunder sound was loud and I found out that he created the (lightning) rod thing" Mariam, 9 years old 

"I liked the Benjamin Franklin House trip because it taught me a lot
including about America's independence and the war that happened (and
America won). I also liked Polly and she told me a lot. I learned about the
anatomy of the human body and much more."
Sana, 11 years old


St. James Junior School, 25 November

'Even better than my first visit! Thank you!' Martin Kettle, Teacher

'Thank you for the trip and the excellent follow-up workshop' Year 5 Teacher


 Winton Primary School, 18 November

Thank you for a wonderful trip!' Year 4 Teacher


Lycee Francais, 4 November 2014

''Benjamin Franklin did a lot of things as a scientist, and I think he was a great man for all the world’ Lilie-Mae, 10 years old

''I think the lightning experiment was the best thing, because we actually saw lightning in real life!’ Jean Luc, 9 years old

'I liked the tour because we had very fun experiements, and we met some very special people’ Ehsam, 11 years old


Upton Cross Primary School, 21 October 2014

The session we experienced was very engaging and it is obvious that the staff have a real passion for science and history’ Year 6 teacher


Kingsley Primary School, 15 July 2014

'I like learning about the bones because [it was] very fascinating to learn about different parts of the body’ Lilie-Mae, 10 years old

'I really love history and I have really enjoyed coming here’ Nesbah, 10 years old

'I liked learning about Benjamin Franklin because it was fun ’ Chanae, 10 years old


George Tomlinson School, 10 June 2014

'I really enjoyed learning about Polly and Benjamin Franklin and dressing up’ Raz, 10 years old

'I liked visiting her because I learnt about where Benjamin used to live’ Hamza, 10 years old

Independent Jewish Day School, 10 June 2014

'My best bit was seeing the lighting rod experiment ’ Alisha, 6 years old


Fairholme Primary School, 20 May 2014

'The thing I enjoyed most at the Benjamin Franklin museum was the time we got to dress up as Georgians’ Ty, 11 years old

'I enjoyed visiting Polly because you learned about all of the rooms and how Benjamin Franklin lived’ Afnan, 10 years old


Fairholme Primary School, 13 May 2014

'I liked learning about the eighteenth century was really interesting finding out what happened and how life was in the past’ Karam, 10 years old

'I found it really interesting learning about Benjamin Franklin and the experiments he was trying out ’ Ella, 10 years old

'I found it really interesting learning about canals’ Ronnie, 10 years old


Tyssen Community School, 6 May 2014

'I liked everything because everyone showed us fun stuff and we learned a lot about Benjamin Franklin’ Burak, 10 years old


St. Dunstan's College, 1 April 2014

'I enjoyed watching the lightning rod and the kite and key’ Lily, 11 years old

I enjoyed the most dressing up as someone from the time period’ Charlotte, 11 years old


Assunah Primary School, 25 March 2014

'I really enjoyed the visit to Benjamin Franklin House’ Khadija, 9 years old

'I enjoyed all the games we played today and I learned all about the inventions of Benjamin’ Aram, 8 years old

'I enjoyed the trip to Benjamin Franklin's House and it was really fascinating learning about Polly and William Hewson ’ Sofia, 10 years old


Lovelace Primary School, 11 March 2014

'I really enjoyed my visit to the Benjamin Franklin House because I have had lots of fun playing games and learning interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin’ Macy, 10 years old

'I've enjoyed being at the Benjamin Franklin House and learning loads of new interesting facts’ Jack, 10 years old


Brandlehow School, 25 February 2014

'I enjoyed my trip to Benjamin Franklin House because it was fun seeing how the lightning rod works’ Mischa, 9 years old

'I really enjoyed my trip to Benjamin Franklin House because Polly took us into loads of rooms and we got to see the different rooms and learn about them’ Lucy, 8 years old


Coteford Junior School, 21 January 2014

'My favourite thing that Polly told me about was the War of Independence’ Adam, 9 years old

'I really enjoyed playing with the glass armonica’ Jessie, 10 years old

'I enjoyed learning about Benjamin Franklin's air baths’ Cameron, 9 years old

'I enjoyed putting the [Georgian] dress on. It was really heavy’ Angela, 9 years old


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