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W hat teachers and students say 2013


Perivale Primary School, 10 December 2013

'My favourite scientist is Benjamin Franklin because he created the lightning [rod] which was used to put them around the house to make sure electricity doesn't damage the habitat’ Hiba, 8 years old

'My favourite part of BFH is when I saw the Glass Armonica’ Hussain, 8 years old


Holy Cross RC Primary School, 19 November 2013

'I like discovering the new facts, I didn't know anything about this house’ Sumaya, 8 years old

'I enjoyed when we saw the real human bones’ Sade, 8 years old

'I learnt that Benjamin Franklin found out that lightning was electricity flying through the air’ Ben, 9 years old


Shapla Primary School, 12 November 2013

'I liked dressing up with Polly’ Nadyah, 10 years old

'I enjoyed learning about the bones’ Hebiba, 8 years old

'I enjoyed playing the armonica’ Inteha, 9 years old


Lycee Francais Charles de Gualle, 5 November 2013

'The lightening was so beautiful for this experience that I am completely impressed’ Arthur, 10 years old

'I really enjoyed watching the electricity experience. Especially when we put the electricity rod and how it was hit. It was really impressive’ Clara, 10 years old


Sir Thomas Abney School, 15 October 2013

'I really like learning about bones’ Tom, 8 years old


Rotherfield Primary School, 8 October 2013

'My favourite part of the day was when we learned about airbaths’ Lilly, 8 years old

'My favourite part of the day was learning about how important candles were’ Billy, 8 years old

'The thing I liked today was the games room’ Kyle, 8 years old


St. Paul's Whitechapel, 1 October 2013

'My favourite thing was playing the video games and dressing up as organs and bones’ Samira, 8 years old

'I liked learning about the human body’ Aisa, 8 years old

'I liked everything’ Akram, 8 years old


Harry Gosling Primary School, 24 September 2013

'I like when Polly told funny stories’ Tiffany, 8 years old

'I learned that Benjamin Franklin liked to take air-baths’ Tarin, 8 years old

'I learned that Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of America’ Maria, 8 years old


Our Lady of Lourdes RC School, 17 September 2013

I enjoyed when we found out about different music’ Kate, 7 years old

'I enjoyed when I was playing on the computers’ Eduardo, 7 years old


Home Educated Group, 23 July 2013

'I like this tour because it is very interesting…’ Haroon, 10 years old

'I liked learning all about Benjamin Franklin's jobs’ Zayna, 10 years old

'The best part I liked was the lightning strike’ Nathaniel, 8 years old


Stockwell Primary School, 9 July 2013

'What I really liked about this tour is that we got to play the games. We played games where we caught the ink drops and learned about the human body’ Antony, 9 years old

'When the electricity was making so much noise and everybody was covering their ears’ Habib, 9 years old

'My favourite part of today was when we got to see the experiment with the lightning and the electricity’ Aya, 9 years old


Weston Park Primary School, 25 June 2013

'I enjoyed finding out what they used to wear in Georgian times’ Alex, 10 years old

'I enjoyed learning about all the jobs Benjamin Franklin had’ Mia, 11 years old


Upton Cross Primary School, 21 May 2013

'I really like the fact that Benjamin Franklin used the windows for light instead of wasting candles’ Shanawaz, 11 years old

'This place is very interesting, I learnt things that I have never learnt before. The most interesting facts were about organs and electricity’ Krissy, 11 years old

This trip was really fun. The most funniest thing was that the scientist who lived here, Benjamin Franklin, had air baths which is funny even though I didn't want to know that! The most interesting fact is that two thousand bones were found in this house’ Minisha, 11 years old

'Benjamin's experience really inspired me to discover, invent and experiment with other things in this world’ Sufian, 11 years old

'I was inspired by the things that he invented and his achievements’ Maaumi, 11 years old

I wish I could have stayed longer!’ Hasan, 11 years old


Maria Montessori School, 14 May 2013

The best thing was the airbaths’ Leroy, 8 years old

What I liked was [learning about] swimming in the river Thames’ Japolo, 8 years old


St Paul's Primary Whitechapel , 30 April 2013

I liked seeing Polly and the old clothes that her children wore were nice’ Yee, 8 years old

I learnt that Benjamin Franklin tried to help America and England because England was taking money from America and then they went to war. After, the Americans won and Benjamin Franklin did his science and it ended peacefully’ Riley, 7 years old

I like the house because I have never seen old houses before’ Tiber, 8 years old


L'Ecole de Battersea , 23 April 2013

I learnt that Benjamin Franklin made soap and candles’ Benjamin, 8 years old

I learnt that Benjamin Franklin loved Polly and treated her like his own daughter’ Robert, 7 years old


Apex Primary School, 16 April 2013

I learnt that Benjamin Franklin used to write with a feather called a quill’ Maliha, 9 years old

I enjoyed seeing all the bones from the olden times’ Asha, 9 years old

I enjoyed wearing the dress and Polly telling us all about Benjamin Franklin’ Fatima, 9 years old

When I came to the Benjamin Franklin House I found out all about air baths and swimming in the Thames and having tea’ Hamed, 9 years old


Georgian Games Family Day, 9 April 2013

The Georgian games were very fun and interesting. It's nice to know what children played many years ago. My favourite game was the cards’


St Vincents Catholic School, 19 March 2013

I never knew that in the Georgian times, some men used to like swimming in the river’ Christopher, 10 years old

I never knew that Georgians used to work very young’ Tia, 9 years old

My favourite part of the Benjamin Franklin House was when we saw the electricity bolt going through the metal rod to the ground through the key. I've had a brilliant time here and I've enjoyed it a lot’ Sebastian, 9 years old

I really like the Benjamin Franklin museum because I enjoyed all the activities like dressing up and meeting Polly’ Mary, 10 years old

My favourite experience was when we learnt about lightening and we saw how Benjamin Franklin created the lightening rod, and I also like meeting Polly and learning about anatomy because I want to be a consultant’ Britany, 10 years old


TASIS, 12 March 2013

I really liked when I got to dress up in the 18th century clothes’ Luke, 10 years old

I liked how I learnt a lot more than I knew about Benjamin Franklin’ Carter, 10 years old


Broadfields Primary School, 12 February 2013

I learnt today about Benjamin Franklin, he was a famous scientist, he went on adventures, he invented the lightening rod which was great because churches would be hurt if they were made out of wood but not if there was metal to protect them and that is how it was protecting the church’ Gabriel, 7 years old

Today I learnt that bones are actually really hard!’ Lucy, 7 years old

'I learnt that there are lots of bones in yourself’ Patricia, 7 years old


Coteford Primary School, 5 February 2013

I found it really interesting because all the things we learnt at school is now developed and we learnt a lot more about Benjamin Franklin and who lived in this house’ Chioni, 10 years old

I was quite interested in the fact that most children didn't actually go to school and they started working at our age’ Daisy, 9 years old

'I found it interesting that he swam in the river Thames and he had a private area where he could write and he saved energy with candless’ Alfie, 9 years old


Valence Primary School, 29 January 2013

I found it really interesting that Benjamin Franklin was 10 years old when he was working’ Mushwarha, 10 years old

What I learnt today is how Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, the experiment was very loud and I was very amazed!’ Try, 10 years old

'I just want to say that I found it fun learning about the air baths’ Phaedra, 10 years old

I thought it was quite fascinating how things were so different back then and it is weird because I know it is three hundred years ago but things have changed a lot!’ Rena, 10 years old


Weston Park Primary School, 22 January 2013

We thought this was a fabulous trip and that the children learned so much for a short visit.  Very well pitched at the level of the children and all of the activities were well led and engaging’ Sarah Summers, Year 3 Teacher

My favourite bit of today was seeing the lightning rod’ Nicholas, 7 years old

My favourite part of today was learning about the human body’ Honey, 7 years old

I found out about the musical instrument Dr. Franklin invented’ Tyler, 7 years old

I liked the house because I've never been to a house this old before’ Safia, 8 years old

I liked when we were in the kitchen and there were lots of pots of tea there’ Betty, 8 years old

‘I liked the bit where we dressed up and Polly said how odd we looked in our regular clothes’ Katie, 8 years old

‘I enjoyed when Polly was telling us about how she used quills in school’ Nell, 8 years old


Chisenhale Primary School, 15 January 2013

Ben Franklin was good at inventing things’ Tyler, 10 years old


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