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W hat teachers and students say 2012


St Vincent's Primary School, 27 November 2012

I like the Benjamin Franklin house because it has lots of interesting things that you don't have in 2012, and the volunteers here are really nice’ Maggie, 8 years old


Montem Primary School, 20 November 2012

Our children are still talking about how much they enjoyed the trip and it was great to see them learn so much (without realising). Thank you!’ Kirstie Kwan, Year 4 teacher


Sir Thomas Abney School School, 13 November 2012

‘Our visit was an engaging and interactive experience which far exceeded our expectations. I will and have been recommending you to others’ Year 4 teacher

‘I enjoyed learning that Benjamin Franklin invented the glass armonica’ Lorena, 8 years old


Cavendish Primary School, 6 November 2012

‘I enjoyed learning about anatomy’ Danielle, 10 years old

‘Benjamin Franklin was environmentally friendly by always saving candles’ Sylvia, 10 years old

‘I enjoyed meeting Polly the Georgian lady, and I enjoyed learning about Benjamin Franklin’ Ameena, 10 years old

‘I learnt about how he made his own instrument. I also liked dressing up’ Lily, 10 years old

‘Benjamin Franklin's house is over three hundred years old and I liked to learn about it’ Adjit, 10 years old


Rotherfield Primary School, 23 October 2012

‘I really enjoyed this house and finding out loads of interesting things Benjamin Franklin did’ Sidney, 10 years old


St Luke's CEVA school, 16 October 2012

‘I've learned about anatomy and how Benjamin Franklin lived 300 years ago’ Kai, 9 years old

‘I really enjoyed being at the Benjamin Franklin House because I learned lots about him and his friends and family’ Dejean-Paul, 9 years old

‘I've learned about all Ben Franklin's jobs, how he became a scientist and how he was a successful print writer’ Pierce, 9 years old


Wandsworth Home Schooled Group, 2 October 2012

‘I really enjoyed doing everything today and it was really interesting to learn that Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod. I never knew those existed before...’ Hannah, 9 years old

‘It’s really helped coming here and it’s changed the way I looked at Franklin’ Joe, 9 years old


St. James Junior School, 18 September 2012

‘Our objectives for the visit were exceeded.  We thoroughly enjoyed both the visit to Benjamin Franklin House and the outreach visit to our school by Stephen [Education Manager]’ Martin, Year 5 teacher


Downe Primary School, 17 July 2012

‘It wouldn’t be very nice to be a grave robber because it wouldn’t be a pretty sight’ Natasha, 8 years old

‘I learnt that if you put your finger round the top of a glass it makes a sound’ Saskya, 8 years old


Eleanor Palmer Primary School, 10 July 2012

‘I learnt that Benjamin had a lot of jobs’ Vincent, 10 years old

‘I learnt that out of all the places Benjamin Franklin lived in, his house in London is the only one still standing’ Nattie, 10 years old


St David's College, 10 July 2012

‘I didn’t know that Benjamin Franklin was the creator of the lightening rod’ Jasmine, 11 years old

‘I really liked doing the computer games and the activity where you had to plug in the veins and arteries’ Sankalan, 11 years old


Smithy Street Primary School, 19 June 2012

‘I really enjoyed learning about Dr Franklin life story’ Zain, 9 years old

‘I am 10 years old and I enjoyed seeing the lightning’ Kamel, 10 years old

‘I liked the part when Polly made us dress up in her children’s clothes’ Ermaria, 10 years old

‘I learnt that metal attracts lightning and that lightning rods keep buildings safe’ Echouan, 10 years old


Risley Avenue Primary School, 15 May 2012

‘I learnt that Benjamin Franklin started to make newspapers and books at the age of 13’ Sharada, 9 years old

‘My favourite thing which I got to do here was meet Polly’ Opiami, 9 years old

‘I learnt that before Benjamin Franklin was a printer he helped his dad make candles and soaps’ Andy, 10 years old

‘I like Benjamin Franklin House because it has lots of activities and you learn new things’ Shimia, 10 years old

‘The best part about today was when we were putting the body parts where they were meant to go in the human body’ Priya, 9 years old


The Willow School, 8 May 2012

‘I have learnt that Dr. Franklin took air baths in front of the window and the neighbours could see him’ Kai, 10 years old

‘Today I learnt about the lightning rod effect and how it effects churches and if the electric goes on the electric rod it won't go into the church it will go straight down into the ground’ Godwin, 10 years old

‘I learnt that lightning is made of electricity’ Jennifer, 10 years old


Risley Avenue Primary School, 8 May 2012

‘The thing that amused me was when she said that when the [parlour]bell rang she had to bring the tea to her mother upstairs’ Monique, 10 years old

‘I have learnt all the stuff in the human body. I know there's lungs, heart and the heart pumps blood’ Montana, 10 years old

‘I met Polly and she was kind and allowed me to wear her clothes and I really enjoyed playing the games’ Sasha, 10 years old

‘I liked it when Polly came because she was giving us lots of interesting and embarrassing facts about Benjamin Franklin’ Tineya, 10 years old

‘I enjoyed the part about the lightning rod because cos you know that you can't use wood stick or plastic stick, you need a metal stick’ Covelle, 10 years old


Parkgate House Primary School, 1 May 2012

‘Just before Polly left she told us about Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica, and Polly said that she woke up at midnight because she thought that angels were singing her to bed, whereas it just was Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica’ 8 years old

‘This tour has taught me a lot about the past’ Finn, 9 years old


Risley Avenue Primary School, 1 May 2012

‘Polly said that Benjamin Franklin used to stay in this room to write letters, because it has big windows and most of the sunlight can come into the room’ Ola, 9 years old

‘I learnt about Benjamin Franklin and he invented the lightning rod, and put them on roofs, so when the lightning hits a house, it won’t damage it, and the rod sucks the electricity to the ground’ Osama, 10 years old


St Jude and St Paul's Primary School , 24 April 2012

‘I found Benjamin Franklin's House really good. It's nice and big, and I've learnt a lot about him today’ Iman, 10 years old

‘I liked finding out that the shallower the water is, the slower the boat will go’ Shubna, 11 years old

‘The thing I loved about Benjamin Franklin House was when we did all the activities, and I learnt a lot’ Ronica, 10 years old


Lovelace Primary School, 27 March 2012

‘I enjoyed dressing up and putting on the skeleton bones on us, and I learnt more of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions’ Ben, 11 years old

‘I never knew Benjamin Franklin came to England’ Lucas, 10 years old

‘I enjoyed the lighting rod most because it was exciting’ Serena,107 years old


Frittenden CE Parish School , 27 March 2012

‘This place is really nice and most of it is actually kept from the Georgian times and when Benjamin Franklin was actually here... ’ Mikey, 8 years old Hear this quote

‘We learnt lots about Mr Franklin’s inventions and how he lived during the Georgian times’ Benjamin, 10 years old Hear this quote


Sheringdale Primary School, 20 March 2012

‘I learnt where all the bones go in the body’ Claudia, 7 years old

‘I learnt that Benjamin Franklin didn’t use candles or lights, he used the daylight to see everything’ Arden, 7 years old


Roman Road Primary, 6 March 2012

‘What I liked about the House is Franklin’s room because the room has a nice view and the balcony is designed’ Ian, 9 years old

‘What I like about this house is that it’s big and it’s fun’ Rajid, 10 years old

‘I had fun playing games and being dressed up and dressing up people as skeletons....  I found it fun when I played the mini games on the computer because it’s fascinating and it wasn’t boring, because mostly I used to think school trips were boring and we were just going to talk to people and stuff like that but it was fun!’ Asharti, 10 years old

‘I really liked meeting Polly and the things she was telling us about, especially the embarrassing bits’ Rachel, 10 years old

‘I liked the canal test because it was really interesting when the water got higher and the boat went faster, so that was really good’ Taylor, 10 years old


TASIS, 28 February 2012

‘I think the Benjamin Franklin house is really fun, with the characters and learning about Ben Franklin’ Sarah, 10 years old

‘I enjoyed learning about Ben Franklin and what he did’ Peighton, 9 years old

‘My favourite part was doing the experiments with lightning ’ Sophia, 9 years old

‘I really really enjoyed Polly, it was very interesting to hear about these times from a real person’ Caroline, 10 years old

‘I really enjoyed walking round the house, it really made me feel like I was in the 18th Century’ Anna, 10 years old


Lovelace Primary, 7 February 2012

‘I really wonder if there are any more bones around the house’ Poppy, 10 years old

‘I'm really quite peculiar about the ghosts in here, if there are any. I mean there might be’ Callum, 11 years old

‘I really liked Polly’s accent; it was very posh’ Louise, 11 years old


Holt Home School Group, 31 January 2012

‘I thought this house was brilliant’ Molly, 8 years old

‘I though that Polly was really fun and I really enjoyed it’ Hannah, 9 years old

‘I thought Polly did a great job of teaching us about Benjamin Franklin and the house’ Luke, 11 years old


Carlton Primary School, 31 January 2012

‘I liked the part when we was playing the games’ Katie, 8 years old

‘I really liked this house because it’s fun’ Zara, 8 years old

‘I think the house is very nice and crooked’ Kayleigh, 9 years old

‘I think the house was beautiful’ Sophia, 9 years old

‘I was very shocked when I learnt that only rich people were allowed to go to school and poor people had to go...home’ Ursa, 8 years old

‘The thing I found most interesting was that Britain owned America’ Aninah, 8 years old


St. James's Primary School, 17 January 2012

‘The bit I find most interesting was that they used to wear wigs’ Lola, 7 years old

‘I [now] know that only electricity would go through metal’ Ethan, 6 years old

‘I [now] know that Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of America’ Charlie, 6 years old


Millenium Primary School, 10 January 2012

‘My best bit was learning that Franklin was environmentally friendly’ Dylan, 10 years old

‘Most interesting was that Benjamin Franklin went swimming in the Thames’ Blue, 10 years old

‘I found the bones under the floor most interesting’ Aaron, 8 years old

‘The best invention he made was the lightning rod’ Blue, 10 years old

‘My favourite invention was the glass Armonica’ Ross, 10 years old

‘I really liked the fact that Polly thought we were time travellers from 2012, it was really cool’ Adam, 11 years old


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