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W hat teachers and students say


Manor Community School, Swanscombe, Kent, 30 June 2009

Thank you so much for the excellent sessions yesterday.  The children had so much fun and haven’t stopped talking about it!  I will definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends.’ Miss Jones

My favourite time was when I got to play the glass armonica. I enjoyed every minute of it – it was fantastic!’ Jimi

‘My favourite part was the lighting because it was really, really cool, thank you for having us!!!!’Harry

‘Thank you for letting us experience what it was like when Benjamin Franklin was alive, I well and truly enjoyed it!’ Rachel

‘I have learnt a lot about Benjamin Franklin working as a printer, inventor, politician and scientist…He is very clever…I would like to visit again but with my family next time because I think they would enjoy it too.’ Tia

‘We all had a great day…I just wish we had longer!!!!’ Lucy

‘I can’t say what my favourite part was because it was all brilliant!’ Katona


The Village School, 16 June 2009

“Lovely and very enthusiastic staff. Great performance by Polly Hewson who leads the students successfully into the 18th century.”


Cub Scout Group, April 2009

Wow, what a lot of fun we had on Monday at Cubs! It was such an inspiration watching those boys becoming inventors – thanks to you for motivating them and sparking their imagination. They were all very proud of the certificates which you presented to them and I’m sure they’ll remember your visits a long time hence. I think you have a tremendous gift in enthusing youngsters and we wish you every success in the future.
Many thanks for all the trouble you went to in planning these visits.W e all felt they were extremely worthwhile!


St Clements Dane School, March 2009

Dear Benjamin Franklin House,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful education you provided our children with on their visit to your museum. It was an exciting day for the children that successfully combined science with history, and provided them with a unique educational experience.

Many of the children from our school live in the local area and it was a great opportunity for them to find out about the history of their surroundings. They were in awe of the building and loved hearing about what it would have been like when Benjamin Franklin lived there. They very much enjoyed seeing all the rooms and climbing the staircases. The museum successfully creates an atmosphere that helps transport the children into the past.

Many of the children found the most exciting part of the visit was the session with Polly. Having an actress play Polly and introduce the children to the world of Benjamin Franklin was fascinating. Not only did Polly teach them about the life of Benjamin Franklin, but she also helped the children compare life in the 17th Century to their own lives which was a valuable piece of learning.



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