Benjamin Franklin House
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Art at Benjamin Franklin House

Curwen Primary School, Newham 2008
Green Image House Franklin Image
Green Franklin Dollar Bill Image
Lightning Franklin Franklin
Green image Clock Inventions
Red Image Dollar Image Brown Image
Purple Franklin Image Dollars Large Face Image
Blue Dollar Image Blue Facial Image Dollar
Franklin Franklin Clock image
Dollar Clock Black and White Dollar Image
Franklin's Inventions Dollar Inventions
Red Image Kite Red Image
o Pink image Orange face
Yellow Franklin Brown image grey image
white image grey image dollar
lightning yellow house blue inventions
kites franklin Green Face
Dollar orange image Pink image
Inventions Blue Image Pink image



Art by Marner Primary School 2010

Art by Surrey Square Juniors 2009

Art by the Mount School London 2008

Art by Curwen Primary School 2008

Art by London St James Primary School 2008