Benjamin Franklin House
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A rt at Benjamin Franklin House

Benjamin Franklin House showcases art created by students and inspired by Franklin and our Grade I building.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, India 2011
Kid's Art   Kid's Art
Shreya M, 12 years old   Kanak Patwar, 12 years old
Kid's Art   Kid's Art
Disha Rijhwani, 12 years old   Charmi Metha, 12 years old
Kid's Art   Kid's Art
Samiksha Agarwal, 13 years old   Anusha Shankar, 14 years old



Art by Marner Primary School 2010

Art by Surrey Square Juniors 2009

Art by the Mount School London 2008

Art by Curwen Primary School 2008

Art by London St James Primary School 2008