Benjamin Franklin House
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Conservation Philosophy


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ll conservation work at Benjamin Franklin House adheres to the following principles:


  1. to minimise the extent of repair work
  2. to retain original material wherever possible
  3. to use traditional methods and materials wherever possible
  4. to provide long-term rather than ad hoc repairs

36 Craven Street is exceptional given that it retains a high degree of authentic features, with relatively few later alterations. These include original floorboards, original ceilings, and original fireplaces. Combined with Benjamin Franklin's long residence, the House is of special cultural importance, reflected in its Grade I status.

All works done within the House are approved in advance by the City of Westminster (our local planning authority) and English Heritage (the national organisation responsible for listed buildings). Our conservation strategy has been approved in partnership with these statutory authorities and we maintain a positive working relationship with the case officers with whom we work.


medical room before

Medical History Room Before Conservation

medical room after

Medical History Room After Conservation