Benjamin Franklin House
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Academic Advisory Panel

The Academic Advisory Panel consists of scholars who support the work of Benjamin Franklin House.  They have kindly agreed to share their expertise and advice.

Dr. Douglas Bradburn, The Washington Library at Mount Vernon
Professor H W Brands, University of Texas
Professor Philip E. Krider, University of Arizona
Dr. Rosalind Remer, Drexel University
Dr. Page Talbott, Drexel University
Professor Joyce E. Chaplin, Harvard University
Dr. Andrew J. O'Shaughnessy, Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Professor Gordon Wood, Brown University
Dr. George Boudreau, LaSalle University
Dr. Philip Hatfield, Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library
Dr. James N. Green, The Library Company
Dr. Patrick Spero, The American Philosophical Society
John Alviti, The Franklin Institute
Professor Jeremy Black, The University of Exeter


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